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The City to Add to the Country's Riches

Country's Riches
Today Ekaterinburg is an industrial city and a major trade and finance centre, being the largest one on the eastern part of Russia.

The city's industrial complex involves over 100 enterprises with the annual turnover of over 106 billion roubles. About 26.5 thousand small businesses and 50 thousand of private entrepreneurs (accounting for 80% of small business in the Sverdlovsk region) work in the city.  Small businesses employ over 200 thousand people.

In the industrial production machine building and metallurgical engineering account for 42% and 29% respectively, food industry accounts for 13%.  Flagships of machine industry, which earned Ekaterinburg a reputation of an acknowledged centre of machine building, are UralMash, UralTransMash, UralKhimMash, UralElectroTyazhMash, Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant.

Wholesale and retail branches, construction, banks, public services have been developing.  By volume of retail sales Ekaterinburg ranks third in Russia. The volume of consumer goods sold here per resident is 2.7 times higher than the national average. Ekaterinburg has become a traditional shopping destination for residents of other cities in the Urals and Siberia.

Construction has been flourishing since 2000. While in the beginning of the this decade less than 300 thousand square meters of housing were commissioned annually, in 2007 and 2008 the volume reached 899 and 955 thousand square meters respectively; as to business premises 860 thousand square meters were commissioned.

The exterior of Ekaterinburg has been changing intensely, with modern business centres starting to dominate the city skyline instead of plant pipes. 

Two major investment projects are being implemented in the city. Construction of a business quarter Ekaterinburg-City, a project second only to the Moscow-City complex, is underway on a site located near the historical centre. In the south-western part of the city, construction of the Akademichesky district is underway, which will provide housing for 350 thousand residents.

The financial sector covers a wide spectrum of banking services available in Russia. The banking industry in Ekaterinburg is represented by over 80 credit institutions. Among them is 21 regional bank registered in the city or in the Sverdlovsk Region. Apart from that, 46 banks representing other regions of the Russian Federation operate in the city; there is one representative office and 6 branches of banks with foreign capital participation.

Intensive economic relations bind Ekaterinburg to 129 countries. The major trade partners to city's businesses are the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, the People's Republic of China and Kazakhstan.  Over 250 representative offices of foreign businesses operate in Ekaterinburg. Over 100 business missions take place here annually.

The consular corps resident in Ekaterinburg consists of representatives of many nations. The USA Consulate General was the first one to open a mission here in 1994. Today over 20 consular offices operate in Ekaterinburg. 

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