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The City of Science and Education

Ural Federal Univercity
Ural Federal Univercity
Ekaterinburg is one of the major educational centres in Russia.

The city boasts of its rich history in education. Back in the 18th century, many outstanding inventors and Russian statesmen studied in mining schools in Ekaterinburg. In 1853 the first technical vocational school, the Ural mining school, and in 1917 the first higher educational institution, the Mining Institute, opened in Ekaterinburg.

The development of science-driven industries and technologies in 1930s dictated the setting up of a serious scientific school.  Thus, the Ural Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR was established in 1932. Today it is the largest scientific centre of the three regional ones, including the Siberian and the Far East branches.

The panel of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences resides in Ekaterinburg; 146 research and development institutes work in the city.

The Ural scientific school enjoys well-deserved international reputation. Its research in applied mathematics and physics of metals, organic chemistry and chemistry of solids, nanotechnology, as well as history and philosophy play an important role both on the national and international scale.

Ekaterinburg is the Urals' major educational centre. There are 43 higher educational establishments and 40 vocational schools with over 190 thousand students.

The Ural States Technical University only provides education to 30 thousand students. Professionals holding degrees of the Ural State University, the Ural Academy of Law, the Ural Academy of Medicine and other higher educational establishments in the city are highly valued in respective professional communities.

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