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The City of Culture and Tourism

The Central amusement park of Ekaterinburg
The Central amusement park of Ekaterinburg
Rich historical heritage, unique monuments of architecture, history, culture and art as well as unique nature and local flavour attract tourists from all around the world.  

There are 12 theatres, 2 philharmonic societies, 50 museums, 25 galleries and exhibition halls and a circus. The history of the Opera House began back in 1912, and it is one of the oldest theatres in Russia. Careers of prominent Russian opera singers Ivan Kozlovksy, Sergey Lemeshev and Irina Arkhipova started on its stage.

A variety of exhibits seen in museums raises interest to the city's history. A unique Kasli pavilion made of cast-iron is exhibited in the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts. It is the only architectural structure made of crude iron. In the Shigir room in the Sverdlovsk Region Museum of Local History one has a unique chance to see the earliest wooden sculpture in the world, the Big Shigir Idol. This incredible artefact is 9.5 thousand years old. Museums proudly exhibit samples of minerals the Urals are so rich with as well as original works made of ornamental stones.

The so-called Literature Quarter is a refurbished spot in the old city turned into a museum complex. It hosts the Chamber Theatre, where the characters of the Ural writers are brought to life on its stage, the Theatre of Russian Romances and a number of literature museums.

The Russian Emperor Nikolas II spent his last days in Ekaterinburg. In 2003 the Cathedral on the Blood was erected on the site where the Royal Family had been murdered.

Today many foreign visitors include a several day stay in Ekaterinburg during their journey along the Trans-Siberian, the more so the border between Europe and Asia is only at a 17 km distance from the city centre. The cultural and entertainment complex Europe-Asia will be erected there soon.

A new promising pastime is eco-tourism: downhill skiing, hunting, fishing and rafting down the Urals rivers.

There are 26 entertainment centres in Ekaterinburg. Over 800 restaurants and cafes offer their visitors national cuisine of various European and Asian countries.        The Tourist Information Service and over 40 travel agencies are available for travellers in the city.

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