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News of Ekaterinburg

Arkady Chernetsky supervised the construction of key road junctions in Ekaterinburg

3 июня 2009 22:55

On Wednesday, June 3, 2009 the head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky traveled along the main road-building objects and checked the quality of work done. That is announced by the press service of the Administration of the city of Ekaterinburg.

First the city leader visited transport junctions, construction of which is being held in several places of the Ural capital. The longest elevated road of almost 800 meters is being built in Moskovskaya Gorka district. It will be the second tier above Moskovskaya Street in the direction of Furmanov Street, which will connect Bolshakov, Yasnaya and Posadskaya Streets.

Builders plan for 2009:

- to complete removal utilities at the former roundabout close to Moskovskaya Gorka,
- to connect directly Bolshakov and Posadskaya Streets and run them on the motion,
- to build a suitable thoroughfare along the mentioned streets,
- to mount the «body» of the main road till the cross-street Moscovskaya and Furmanov.

Currently, the specialists of «Mostootryad-72» have begun building the main elevated road from reinforced concrete beams; each is 24 and 33 meters long.

The head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky expects the builders to complete the work on mounting the constructions, concreting and asphalting the road streets this season. That is, by the end of 2009 at the junction of Serafima Deryabina, Repin, Tokarey, Gurzufskaya Streets it is planned to run traffic on the main trunk lines.

As for the third road junction, which is formed in the area of the shopping center «Mega», this year specialists are to mount a tier above Metallurgov Street. The whole object is to be finished in 2010. In the future this junction will provide vehicular traffic at the western entrance to and exit from the city and an easy access to major shopping centers.

фотограф: Анна Храновская


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7 апреля 2009 11:50
... Читать новость полностью
1 апреля 2010 15:09
Это безусловно хорошо и праильно, а когда уже сотрудников милиции будут обеспечиать жильем, а то роде как положено по контракту а его нет и никто его даже не обещает!!?

News of Ekaterinburg
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