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News of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg will receive three schools, pedestrian zone and library to City Day

6 августа 2009 21:08

The Ural capital will receive at once some «labour gifts» - objects of social infrastructure to forthcoming City Day.

As the deputy Head of Ekaterinburg Michael Matveev has informed, City Day traditionally associates at the dwellers of the Ural capital not only with the holiday program, cultural and sports actions, but also with commission of objects.

So, commission of three schools will become the most important event of the next week. It will occur in Ekaterinburg for the first time in the post soviet period.

First of all, next week school №200 in microdistrict «Botanichesky» will be commissioned. The school is intended for 700 children, and after commission of this school the requirement for schools in this microdistrict will be completely satisfied.

Besides the children from Botanichesky the school will enroll gifted children with outstanding mental abilities from all over the city.

Teaching will be conducted from 5 to 11 grade under the special program with profound studying of separate subjects of natural-science, humanitarian and mathematical profile. On September, 1st this year children will come to school from 5 to 10 class.

Building of school after the decision of the Head of Ekaterinburg began last year. The project has been created by institute «Ekaterinburgproekt». The area of educational institution is 9,500 square metres.

It will be one of the largest schools of the city with a great number of educational classrooms, spacious library with a reading room. Use of stained-glass windows in architecture will give additional natural light for greater comfort of the pupils.

Today at organizational committee Michael Matveev called new educational institution «smart» - anything similar and more scale was not erected earlier in the Ural capital.

Reconstructed grammar school №104 in Zheleznodorozhny district and school №22 in Ordzhonikidzevsky district are not less significant objects.

So, school №22 which will be commissioned next week, opens its doors for 760 young city people on September, 1st. The total area of this educational institution makes 11000 square metres. According to set by the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky problem, educational process should start here on September, 1st 2009.

Both buildings of the school were completely reconstructed. Because one of them was built in 1936, and the second one - in 1984 it was required to disassemble almost completely the construction, having left only the base and walls.

Next, wooden overlap pings have been replaced by ferro-concrete. Communications in both buildings have been updated, the facade has been warmed. Before the beginning of works designers and customers have brought the object project in correspondence with modern standard condition. They have increased the areas and have made re-planning of classes, have thought over wider and stairs of different configuration which will be located on more convenient and pertinent sites for fire evacuation.

Dining room, assembly and sports halls have also been updated. New school stadium will be organized near the building.

As for appearance of school its historical facade will be almost completely saved. Only grey color will be barter for light yellow, and existing bas-reliefs will be replaced with copies.

Grammar school №104 is one more «labour gift» to Ekaterinburg to City Day. The old building of the school has been updated, and its area is increased owing to an annex. Now there are two sports halls for pupils of primary and secondary schools, a dining room and new classrooms in this building.

The building area has been increased three times owing to erection of three new sections. On the place of the old place the new one has been constructed. Because of expansion of the building of school the quantity of educational places has been increased from 500 to 830.

Children will come to classes on September, 1st. Grammar-school pupils will have to assess modern computer classrooms, improved library premises, changed dining room with a panoramic view of Sverdlov street and other advantages.

«Commission of three schools once again confirms that the city grows, develops and looks ahead with confidence»,- Michael Matveev has noted.

As he said, the basic financial streams of municipality have been directed to building of one and reconstruction of two educational institutions, after all Day of knowledge can not be putt off, and pupils should sit down at the school desks on September, 1st.

Next week large supermarket and new business centre in Narodnoy Voli street will also be open. At 2 p.m. on August, 11th the reconstructed building of the library of the Head of Ekaterinburg will start working. The readers are likely to notice changes to the best.

Opening of a walking esplanade on the slope of Moscovskaya gorka from Sheinkman street in the direction of «Greenwich» will become a great event of the next week. It will connect a housing estate adjoining Moskovskaya gorka, with housing estate of the streets of Vainer, Radischev, 8 Martha and Kuibyshev, will provide convenient access on the square in front of central entrance to «Greenwich» and, having adjoined a reconstructed site of the street of Vainer, will merge with the central foot pedestrian of the Ural capital.

Extent of the esplanade will make 580, and its width - about 6 metres. The first section of the esplanade located between the streets of Sheinkman and Sacco i Vantsetti, represents the ladder reveted with a dark red stone equipped with special ramps, handrails and the lights.

The following turn of the esplanade adjoining Khokhryakov street is being built actively. Ladder marches are being mounted here, tile is being laying, clearing of surrounding space is conducted and the objects adjoining to the esplanade is being put in order.

This site of a walking zone, like its following piece from Khokhryakov street to Vainer street, will be flatter, with minimum quantity of steps.

It will be decorated with flowers, green plantings. it will be equipped by special «pockets» where benches for rest of walking people will be placed. Thus, the esplanade will harmoniously merge with pedestrian zone in Vainer street which to the City Day will be equipped between Radischev street and the complex of buildings of «Greenwich».

Last year the city authorities have started in the system the underground pedestrian crossing under Radischev street and have provided the prospect of the further development of «Uralsky Arbat».

This year all works on accomplishment and furnish of the third turn of the pedestrian zone of Vainer street are finished, and it will be placed at the disposal of the pedestrians. We will notice that the esplanade construction, no less than prolongation of pedestrian zone along Vainer street, is carried out in Ekaterinburg within the limits of the strategic project «the City for pedestrians».

It is necessary to note that some other socially-significant objects of the Ural capital will be already commissioned after City Day, till the end of August or in September: sports and treatment-and-prophylactic institutions and also two hotels.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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