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News of Ekaterinburg

Arkady Chernetsky has congratulated the builders of Ekaterinburg on professional holiday

7 августа 2009 22:49

The Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky has congratulated builders of the Ural capital on professional holiday.

It is told in congratulation: «Dear friends!

Every year in first half of August we celebrate Builder`s Day. And every year, summing up the last period, we speak about how this branch accelerates as the architecture develops, what new technologies our builders managed to master.

Today we can speak about your achievements. Though, probably, there is no sense to hide those problems which exist in building sphere as well as in all economy of our state. Nevertheless, summing up 2008, it is possible to tell that for builders it was the most successful period for all history of existence of this branch in Ekaterinburg.

Now we have 1814000 square metres of new dwelling and uninhabited objects. Builders have not reached such figure for all the history of existence of Sverdlovsk-Ekaterinburg! We have received 955000 square metres of habitation and 859000 square metres of the uninhabited areas. Growth of premises has made about 6 % on uninhabited - 70 %.

In spite of the fact that in the end of the last year we already started to feel «cold breath» of economic crisis, overwhelming majority of our building divisions, organizations, enterprises finished 2008 within the limits of those plans which were outlined in its beginning. 2009 is a difficult year, sales of premises have practically stopped, in the market there is stagnation. Today the majority of heads thinks about how to keep the collectives and already mastered technologies.

The Administration also helps to solve these questions to regions. I am sure that modern efforts will give the effect, and we will keep our building complex. Today in municipality works on preparation of new platforms proceed, we have not stopped the works connected with the prospect of development of building in Ekaterinburg.

In our city a great number of significant large objects continues to be under construction. One part of them - by tradition - will be commissioned to City Day, another part - by 2010. So, in August three schools will be commissioned, and by the end of the year 4 new and 9 reconstructed kindergartens will start working.
Dear workers of building complex of Ekaterinburg! Thanks to you the development of the city proceeds. Professional skills and responsibility both ordinary employees, and heads of branch are pledge of it.

I want to congratulate you, dear friends, on this holiday. To wish, that hard times would pass as soon as possible that the market «will begin moving», habitation would start being sold that the bank branch would start working in the direction of building sector of economy.

In a word, I wish you optimism, I wish you successes! I do not doubt that that record which was established in 2008, we can beat very soon - by means of our creative, active work for the blessing of native Ekaterinburg».

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News of Ekaterinburg
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