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News of Ekaterinburg

A new large shopping centre has appeared in Ekaterinburg

10 августа 2009 21:09

The Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky has taken part in opening ceremony of shopping centre «Piknik» which was held in Vostochnaya street in past week-end.

For today shopping centre is one of the largest in Oktyaborsky district. Its total area is 8.500 square metres. As Arkady Chernetsky has told, this supermarket had been required in the district for a long time.

It is necessary to notice that opening of shopping centre has caused great agiotage among the dwellers. A few thousand people decided to visit new «Piknik» during the first hours of its working.

In their turn organizers have prepared a surprise for all the visitors of the action: the exhibition of animals which in are grown up by workers of country farms Open Company «Piknik-47» non-polluting conditions has been organized in front of the supermarket.

The spacious trading floor with wide assortment of a foodstuff has been presented for judgment of the clients. The full cycle of production was organized in the trade centre: shops on finished commodity manufacturing (salad, meat, cold, hot, flour and confectionery) work for the buyers.

As chief executive of trade centre «Piknik» Leonid Stakheev has noted, the shop management managed to collect the best cooks, bakers and confectioners that the dwellers were able to get the best service. Taking into account a round-the-clock working mode of the shop, buyers always will have access to fresh foodstuff.

Leonid Stakheev has also informed that on September, 1st the second floor of shopping centre will begin working. The department of the manufactured goods will take place there.

For convenience of buyers it is planned to organize children's room in shopping centre where a tutor will be engaged with young dwellers. Besides, tea-room with Wi-Fi access to the Internet and fast food add the infrastructure of «Piknik». The parking for 150 cars has taken place on the roof of a building and adjoining to the trade centre areas.

It is necessary to notice that the net of shops «Piknik» is one of the oldest trade nets of Ekaterinburg with more than 10-year-old working experience. As the general director of the net of shops «Piknik» Nadezhda Plotitsina has informed, it is the 12th under the account the shop opened by Open Company «Piknik-47». It can not only serve about 7000 people per a day, but also gives about 250 workplaces.

Shopping centre «Piknik» is one of numerous gifts to Ekaterinburg to its birthday.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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