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News of Ekaterinburg

Arkady Chernetsky has congratulated the dwellers of Ekaterinburg on City Day

13 августа 2009 21:21

The Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky has congratulated the dwellers of Ekaterinburg on a holiday: these days the Ural capital will celebrate the 286th anniversary from the date of foundation. It is told in the congratulation of the Head of Ekaterinburg:

«Dear Ekaterinburg dwellers! These days our city celebrates the 286th birthday. May be this figure is not round, but it is a good occasion to recollect our nice past with pride, acts of the ancestors who have laid the foundation for industrial, cultural and educational traditions, and to be glad to achievements of the contemporaries who directs forward.

The image of any city is defined by its inhabitants. Ekaterinburg dwellers glorify the Ural capital with self-denying work, scientific and cultural achievements. With the help of common efforts we have made much that our favorite city has considerably changed during the last years, having managed to keep the historical originality, cosines of the squares and parks, unique style and unique architectural face.

Ekaterinburg today is dynamically developing modern mega city which confidently looks ahead. Every year becoming more attractive and more comfortable, the Ural capital sets an example for many other Russian cities. The largest world companies come to us, the modern enterprises are open, new workplaces are created.

Popularity, investment appeal of the mega city on border of Europe and Asia grows before our eyes. Carrying out of the summits SCO and BRIC in our city is some kind of testing of that potential which was generated over the last 10 years both from the side of federal management, and from the side of the international community.

City Day in Ekaterinburg is the not only big cultural program assigned for people of different age. They are also «labour» gifts - new roads, social and cultural objects. Ten large gifts were received this year to Birthday of Ekaterinburg, such as foot esplanade in the central part of the city, the renewed library of the Head of Ekaterinburg. In August 3 new schools will be commissioned at once for the first time over 20 years during the post soviet period.

I am sure that every Ekaterinburg dweller feels deep respect and pride of the city, from generation to generation carefully telling that best that is created for its nice history. I thank every one of you for love to native Ekaterinburg. Together we are able everything that we have conceived, and to achieve new successes in its development and prosperity.

With all my heart I wish the dwellers and visitors of Ekaterinburg festive mood, happiness, health and successes in all undertakings! I also want to wish optimistic undestanding of the world, aspiring to do better both his life, and life of his children, and the city on which the active position of the person finally depends.

The Ural dwellers are very active people, and they always built the well-being with their hands. And that we made for today is the result of active vital position. It is necessary to move in this direction and then no crises are terrible for us».

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News of Ekaterinburg
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