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News of Ekaterinburg

Experiment on separate scavenging will be held on City Day

14 августа 2009 22:02

Experiment on separate scavenging will be held in Ekaterinburg during the holiday celebrations devoted to the 286th anniversary of the city.

A few tens of garbage containers have been already placed in the centre of Ekaterinburg. As a rule they are located «by pair» or «by three» - grey and bright orange containers are located nearby, in last it is necessary to put hard domestic waste (paper, plastic, glass which can be used for the further processing) should be placed in the last ones.

It is necessary to put garbage of other origin to «the traditional» grey container. The holiday should show, how much the consciousness of the dwellers is, whether they are accurate. The experience was already used in Ekaterinburg on Victory Day.

In total 92 containers for garbage will be placed in the central streets to City Day, nearby 30 of them correspond to «euro format».

Let's remind, experiment on separate scavenging started in Ekaterinburg one year ago. Microdistrict ZhBI and its 45000 dwellers were the first in Ekaterinburg who felt this innovation.

The system of separate scavenging will take root stage by stage in all territory of Ekaterinburg this year both for physical, and for legal bodies. Thus tariffs for export of not sorted waste is planned to increase considerably.

Intermediate results of experiment have confirmed positive spirit of the dwellers of Ekaterinburg to introduction of new system of scavenging, thus men and women over the age of 35 years and also children take the most active part in the action.

In September, 2007 group «Sinara» and the Administration of Ekaterinburg concluded a treaty on creation and introduction of an effective control system of rotation of hard domestic waste. Within the limits of this project switch to modern technologies of collecting, transportation, processing and a burial of waste and also building of waste sorting complexes are planned.

Now detailed conception of work with industrial and domestic waste till 2019 is being slated. Introduction of this conception will allow to liquidate completely unapproved dumps and to exclude burial of raw waste which for today makes more than 95 % from total amount of city waste.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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