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News of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg has received congratulations from China, Algeria and the Ukraine

17 августа 2009 21:05

The visitors of high rank have congratulated the dwellers of Ekaterinburg and have shared their impressions about the city on day of celebrating of its 286th anniversary.

In particular the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk (the Ukraine) Ivan Kulichenkohas told: «I can compare today's Ekaterinburg with Sverdlovsk which I saw approximately 15 years ago. It is a modern European city with good roads with good modern architecture and that has appeared a pleasant surprise, with considerable quantity of flowers. It is real salt. All it means that the city grows and develops».

Ivan Kulichenko has noticed that Ekaterinburg and Dnepropetrovsk have much in common: «In recent times even names were conformable - Dnepropetrovsk was called as Ekaterinoslav. The enterprises of our cities are seriously integrated into economy of our countries, our countries have joint centuries-old history.

And, in spite of events which occur in the present, in spite of the fact that today our cities have appeared in different states, we understand and we trust each other. Supporting each other we should develop further and assert our right of strong, beautiful, independent and safe life in our countries».

The vice-president of Standing Committee of assembly of public representatives of the city of Guangzhou (China) Tao Tszytszi has declared: «I think, it is very beautiful city which life is busy and active enough. The dwellers of the city make good impression. They live a full life. We have also noticed that good administration of a city life was realized in Ekaterinburg that was one of the main pledges of that Ekaterinburg would develop. On behalf of the seven-million population of the city of Kwangchow I wish the dwellers of Ekaterinburg good luck and all the best, and further development and economic prosperity to the city».

The chairman of public municipal assembly of the city of Annaba (Algeria) Bensaid Abdelkhak Nabil has noted: «the City is very beautiful, light, safe with high level of the industry. I am very glad that I managed to visit it, and I think our relations will go on.

I got to know that last years rather serious efforts were made to lift the city status of Ekaterinburg, to develop it and to reach the level of the European and international big cities. As an exterior observer, I can tell that results are visible with open eyes; the city is like the best cities of the world. And I wish you further successes in this direction».


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News of Ekaterinburg
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