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News of Ekaterinburg

Well-known professor of neurosurgery will give a master class in Ekaterinburg

20 августа 2009 21:12

Master classes for Ural neurosurgeons with participation of the professor of neurosurgery Shimon Maimon will be held on August, 20-21st, 2009 in the city clinical hospital №40.

Shimon Maimon is the professor of neurosurgery MD director of branch of invasive neuroradiology in department of neurosurgery in hospital Ihilov Medical Center Tel-Aviv (Israel). Specialization of Shimon Maimon is endovasal neurosurgery. Endovasal operations on brain vessels (through blood vessel gleam) are the most sparing way of radical treatment for the vascular patient for today.

During such operations, making the way from within on vessels to a head from a femoral artery, neuroradiologist closes (sticks together with special glutinous structure) damaged vessels of brain.

When the defective vessel is reliably and strongly embolized (stuck), blood directs into a healthy channel, through other vessels. And deadly threat of cerebral haemorrhage is liquidated. Such operations stopped being exotic for the Ural dwellers, when the regional vascular centre financed from the budget of Ekaterinburg and the federal program of development of the regional vascular centers has been opened in the city clinical hospital N40.

In April 2009 new X-Ray surgical operating-room was open, new angiograph began working, competent experts started to work. Today hospital №40 leads in the city by quantity of diagnostic and surgical manipulations. Nearby 15 endovasal surgical operations are conducted per week. A lot of heavy cases and emergencies have come to the end safely, with absolute recovery of people having a serious illness, thanks to this technology (new for the hospital).

However a master class of an Israeli colleague is a chance to learn and test new for Russia embolizing material - ONYX which is used in the world side by side with gluing structures. By its consistence Onyx can be compared with assembly building foam.

It gradually arrives to arteriovenous malformation (a ball of defective vessels) from one, but not from several catheters which are necessary in technology of agglutination.

As assembly foam, drying up and growing on a tip batcher, forms a hat, and mixture gradually fills with itself all defective vessels, irrespective of their size.

Till now the Ural neurosurgeons used only gistoacrylic with solvent, now together with Israeli colleague they will try to work with ONYX.

The novelty will expand the arsenal of used techniques. The more various material is in the hands of the doctor, the better to the patient. Within the limits of one operation both structures can be combined. It is also possible to prefer one this variants.

Before hospital №40 ONYX was used only in two capital scientific research institutes of name of Burdenko and Polenov which have published results of work for colleagues, having realized per 30 operations.

On August, 20-21st during a master class it is planned to realize 4 operations with new material concerning two kinds of vascular pathologies in hospital №40.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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