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News of Ekaterinburg

Arkady Chernetsky and Eduard Rossel have checked up the most important road buildings of Ekaterinburg

25 августа 2009 21:09

Today, on August, 25th, The Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky and the governor of Sverdlovsk oblast Eduard Rossel checked up the most important road buildings of the Ural capital.

First of all the Heads have visited building of flyover of the streets of Gurzufskaya, Tokarey and Repin. This morning two-way traffic on east line of Tokarey Street has been started; right egress from Tokarey Street to Metallurgov Street has continued working.

According to the Head of Ekaterinburg, by the end of this week the right egress in Repin Street will be started. In September all basic transit highways will be finished. Two of them are being built on the axis of Gurzufskaya Street and one is being built in Repin Street. As a whole the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky sets for builders a task to finish main works on the given flyover and to start it in operation in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Later Arkady Chernetsky and Eduard Rossel have checked up works on the longest overpass of Ekaterinburg being constructed in the area of Moscovskaya Gorka.

Extent of the overpass will make almost 800 metres, it will pass the second circle over nowadays existing carriageway of Moscovskaya Street. in the direction of Furmanov Street and will connect an overpass with branch-egresses Bolshakov Street, Yasnaya Street and Posadskaya Street.

Works on road object are conducted according to the schedule; transparent traffic from Bolshakov Street to Posadskaya Street is already open.

Let's remind, flyover building helped to liquidate the automobile ring on Moscovskaya, and now streets are connected with the crossroads. By September, 5th builders are going to start traffic on the doubler of Moscovskaya Street to organize egress to Posadskaya Street. According to the task set by the Head of Ekaterinburg, this object will be commissioned in 2010.

«There is a great volume of works on this object, great obligations for the next year, Arkady Chernetsky has noted. - As for that should be made this year - you have already made a half of work. You have started transit from Posadskaya to Bolshakov Street.

In the beginning of September we should make the right turn from Moscovskaya Street to Posadskaya Street.

It is the amount of works of this year, plus we should finish building of bridge flight, transition from Posadskaya Street to Bolshakov Street that cars could go easy, and the techniques did not work over them».

The following object is the road along Scherbakov Street where the second stage of works is being preceded. According to a problem put by Arkady Chernetsky, till the end of current year road builders should construct a new transit lane on this highway from Pavlodarskaya Street to Lyzhnikov Street. Extent of this site will make about 750 metres.

Let's remind, at the first stage of reconstruction of this transport highway the site from Samoletnaya Street to Pavlodarskaya Street has been made. Builders have laid two modern lanes in width on 10.5 metres each one.

Extent of the reconstructed road site has made about 700 metres. Besides expansion of old road, according to confirmed by the Head of Ekaterinburg project experts liquidated an automobile ring on crossing of the streets of Scherbakov and Samoletnaya and equipped the T-shaped crossroads.

It has simplified movement of auto streams and has allowed minimizing traffic jams on a transit highway of Scherbakov Street which is an exit from the city to Chelyabinsk highway.

Also the esplanade which is going down from Moskovskaya Gorka to the third turn of shopping centre «Greenwich» and a new foot zone along Vainer Street has been shown Eduard Rossel.

«Impressions from the work and plans are good. That we have seen today is the solving of serious problems of Ekaterinburg, the solving of problems of flyovers. I and Arkady Mikhailovich observed the situation; all 21 flyovers should be made. Cost for those times was, in my opinion, 24 billion roubles, the expenses are great. It would be desirable to deal with a question faster, but it is impossible.

But what we do today is being realized well. Flyovers which we have seen today are places where there was the greatest congestion of cars, and with start-up of these flyovers very serious transport problem is being solved. It has logic: exit to the north of our region is organized, entrance and exit towards Perm will be finished now. Works are proceeding well in the Chelyabinsk direction too»,- Eduard Rossel has shared his impressions.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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