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News of Ekaterinburg

The first line of Ekaterinburg underground should be finished in 2011

25 августа 2009 22:02

The governor of Sverdlovsk oblast Eduard Rossel and the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky have checked partial progress on building of the starting site of the first stage of underground, and also two stations - «Chkalovsky» and «Botanicheskaya».

Now building of a starting site of the first line of underground from station «Geologicheskaya» to station «Botanicheskaya» is conducted. Extent of a piece makes 4.1 kilometres, thus building of «Botanicheskaya» is carried out in the open way, whereas «Chkalovsky», intermediate between «Geologicheskaya» and «Botanicheskaya» is a station of deep depth.

For today the considerable amount of works is finished. At the same time it is necessary to finish penetration of right tunnel on the site from «Botancheskaya» to «Chkalovsky», installation of stations, putting of the top structure of a way, finishing and special works, including installation of equipment before the building termination. As Arkady Chernetsky has noted, wide fronts of works are open today.

There is a technical possibility to do a driving tunnel, tunneling machine VIRT which construct the tunnel is completely prepared for the further work. Builders reached that stage when it is possible to be engaged in arrangement of the stations.

It is expected that the first line of underground will be finished in 2011. There is technical possibility for work in these terms.

However it is necessary about 9 billion roubles for the end of the building , and in present uneasy economic conditions the monetary question is especially actual. If necessary financing is not received, not only carrying out of some concrete works will be under the threat, but also definitive terms of commission of the objects. Thus financing of the municipal budget for 2009 makes 1.5 billion roubles. The expected size of the grant from the federal budget should make 170 million roubles. According to the Head of Ekaterinburg, There is no clearness in this question yet, because the agreement on financial support is till on the coordination in Ministry of Justice of Russia, at best the city will receive money in the end of current year. Arkady Chernetsky has noticed that the question on possibility of participation of regional budget in financing of building of the underground is discussed. Eduard Rossel has confirmed readiness to find a way out from a current situation with joint forces of the city and the region, having noticed thus that today schemes of attraction of long-term credits are regarded as the basic solving of the problem. As the Head of Ekaterinburg has underlined, building of the Ekaterinburg underground is unique precedent.

Underground in all the country is the object of federal investments, in the Ural capital it is under construction mainly for the municipal account. Thus Ekaterinburg is the unique city in Russia which copes with similar problems with the help of own budget while successful finish of the project demands the parity scheme of financing including budgets of all levels.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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