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News of Ekaterinburg

Alexander Tatarkin: old shops should improve their methods of work according to new requirements of trade

27 августа 2009 21:45

Old shops and shopping centers as TSUM and «Passazh» should improve their methods of work. They should correspond to new requirements of trade, the chairman of Public chamber of Ekaterinburg, the director of Institute of economy of Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Tatarkin has declared.

According to Alexander Tatarkin, uneasy situation in which the both economy of the country as a whole and Middle Ural Mountains in particular found themselves, had an effect on the trade condition.

«This sphere, especially large food and manufactured goods supermarkets have started all to feel more clearly a crisis consequence. Commodity producers began to sell a part of the goods independently. Regarding as a norm trading and intermediary extra charges in 35-70 % have made such scheme of work inefficient in the conditions of crisis»,- Alexander Tatarkin has explained.

He also has added that now those trading organizations which are inclined «to diplomacy» feel better. Those who are ready to lower «extra change» for saving of all business as a whole, and also those who are ready to refuse specialization in narrow segments, for example in sale of the goods of premium-class and to convert to trade both the expensive goods, and average and low price categories. «It seems to me, it is time when the public compromise should be found. At that it should be conducted under conductor's participation of the state. In this respect the mayoralty of Ekaterinburg acts very reasonably. Representatives of the city leaders constantly hold meetings with owners of large shopping centers and find the compromise»,- Alexander Tatarkin has underlined.

As for shops keeping a trade format from the Soviet period, for example «Passazh», that, according to the chairman of Public chamber of Ekaterinburg, they should improve their methods of work quickly enough, both in direct and in figurative senses.

«It is necessary to analyze the situation and to understand that is necessary for tenants who trade in such shops and that is necessary for buyers. As for «Passazh» the question on reconstruction ripened for a long time and it has been already discussed repeatedly. Parking, square updating, the organization of zones of rest for visitors, service zones are required.

All these remarks were expressed, and they are quite fair. In my opinion, it is necessary to look at the basements, adjoining areas where it would be possible to create all necessary conditions for comfortable stay of visitors of shopping centre, and basically of the central part of the city. It is not necessary to forget and about children, after all it is not obligatory for parents to drag them all over the place.

If there is a place, a children's playground will be much more convenient. Children can be left for some time under supervision. It is necessary to solve and other questions - to organize referral services where it will be possible to learn the information on what and where it is possible to buy. It seems to me that such trading places, without any doubt, require modernization from the point of view of principles of the organization of modern trade»,- Alexander Tatarkin has declared.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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