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News of Ekaterinburg

Fur-tree fair will start working in Ekaterinburg since December, 1st

9 ноября 2009 21:55

About 70 fur-tree fairs will start working in the Ural capital in the first days of December. Commercial establishments take artificial fur-trees, decorations, garlands and other. Green fur-trees will be delivered to Ekaterinburg not earlier than by the end of December. In 2008 their price made 100-150 roubles per running meter. «High» fur-trees are worth more - for comparison the price of artificial fur-trees fluctuates from 350 to 50000 roubles.

Sellers notice that agiotage demand of last years for New Year's decoration is not observed today. Moreover, buyers prefer holiday goods of average price segment and seldom choose expensive goods of «premium-class».

Commercial establishments promise that artificial fur-trees of red, crimson, blue and other colors will be on sale. Black fur-trees were the most fashionable for the last two years. As for decorations according to the sellers, black, pink and blue colors are in fashion. And the majority of Christmas-tree decorations are unbreakable. Glass is in less requisition.

By New Year's holidays prices of fur-trees and decorations will not rise. And there will be lack of nothing in the shops. Fur-trees and decorations will be delivered so many, as it is required.

Special attention is paid to pyrotechnics. Experts remind that pyrotechnic production should have all necessary accompanying information on purpose, class of danger and radius of dangerous zone. Packing of qualitative product must have shelf life, properties of manufacturer, distributor or importer, obligatory instruction in Russian, and also recommendations about keeping and recycling. Besides, the seller is obliged to have on hands the certificate on production, without which every product is falsification. Pyrotechnics trade is allowed only in separate buildings.

Pyrotechnics is subdivided into five classes of complexity. Pyrotechnic products of 1-3 classes of danger are sold without restrictions. The pyrotechnics of 4 and 5 classes (salute assemblages, flare pots, bombs) is considered to be professional and are not sold. It is necessary to notice that selling of pyrotechnic products to children under 16 years is strictly forbidden.

Let's remind that in 2008 over 75 fur-tree fairs functioned in Ekaterinburg. They began working in the middle of November.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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