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News of Ekaterinburg

Over 750 thousand square metres of dwelling will be commissioned in Ekaterinburg by the end of 2009

11 ноября 2009 22:57

The Administration of Ekaterinburg summed up realisation of the national project «Reasonable habitation» for III quarter of current year.

As the chairman of construction Committee of the Administration of Ekaterinburg Denis Ananev informed, the city government realised such programs, as «Young family» for which current year the city budget assigned 26800000 roubles, «Habitation for civil servants» in the limits of this program 55 apartments in new building which is being erected in the crossroad of Repin Street and Tokarey Street were apportioned to conclude a treaty with future holders.

The principal program «Move of inhabitants from tumbledown and breakdown dwelling» under this program new houses in Lagernaya-Kurganskaya Street and Bilimbaevskaya Street were commissioned. Now they are being inhabited. 174 people from 10 breakdown houses should become new settlers, 146 of them have already moved.

It is necessary to notice that from the beginning of current year 261 family moved into new apartments from breakdown dwelling. Twenty more families moved in the limits of move of citizens from building sites and house-monuments of architecture. This direction demands a lot of work; new apartments are bought at the expense of resources of Fund of assistance of reforming of housing and communal services, and also at the expense of money of city and regional budgets. For today from 277 apartments which are necessary to buy under this program, contracts on 201 apartments were concluded.

One more direction of the Administration activity on provision separate categories of citizens with dwelling is delivery of housing certificates to invalids and participants of liquidations of consequences of the radiation troubles and catastrophes, to the citizens leaving regions of the Far North, military men who were transferred to the reserve and other categories.

In total by the end of current year it is planned to deliver about 160 certificates. Besides, in III quarter of 2009 the construction Committee of the Administration of Ekaterinburg offered to distribute 49 apartments among veterans of the Great Patriotic War, families of the deceased veterans, 59 apartments will be distributed among invalids and the families, having children-invalids using the right to get apartment out of order. Also «the Fund of support of individual housing construction» placed state order for building of 200 more apartments for the same categories of citizens. Term of commission of a part of these premises is IV quarter of current year, and another part will be commissioned in March of 2010.

Summing up aforesaid, the first deputy of the Head of Ekaterinburg Alexander Yacob underlined that, in spite of difficult economic term, building of the objects of dwelling and social sphere as well as commercial real estate was going on. It is necessary to notice that contrary to all complexities the Administration managed to solve problem put by - so, by the end of 2009 over 750 thousand square metres of dwelling will be commissioned in the city, for today over 2 of 4 kindergartens, 3 new schools and many other objects have been commissioned. It shows successful work of construction complex of the Ural capital under adverse economic terms.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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