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News of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg Has Become a Leader in Russia Thanks to the Strategic Plan

11 июня 2009 22:34

Private detailed strategic plan of the development has allowed Ekaterinburg to take one of the leading places in Russia in a short period of time. And this fact predetermined that the city got its right to take two major international forums - the summit of SCO and BRIC.

According to Marina Andrus, the Chairman of Strategic Planning of Ekaterinburg Administration, the Ural capital became one of the first cities in Russia, which started to develop its own strategy. During the last six years, Ekaterinburg is being developed under the Strategic Development Plan to 2015, which was approved by the Ekaterinburg City Duma in June 2003. The past years have shown that the strategic plan had become a document, effectively working for the good of the city, including all the attributes of action.

«This document formed the vision of the fundamental areas, which constitute the «skeleton» of central vector of development of the city. This set of materials on the strategy of city development, integrating the main objectives of future development, mission, programs and projects to achieve strategic results,- said Marina Andrus.- In the Strategic Development Plan of Ekaterinburg, socially-oriented approach was adopted as the basis, where a person is considered as a cornerstone of the foundation and a goal of all social and economic transformations. According to the ideology, the main objective of the strategy of Ekaterinburg was defined; that is to ensure stable and better quality of life for current and future generations of citizens».

Such a position determined the need for more comprehensive approach to developing and realization of the strategy involving the business communities, public, science and power; and to create a consolidating document of social agreement, taking into account the public interests in general.

The point is that in Soviet times the city developed as an industrial center with a high proportion of the defense industry. However, accumulated powerful intellectual and infrastructural capacity of the city allowed it to restructure its economic resources quickly; and in the late 1990's, when the socio-economic situation had stabilized, there was perceived need for planning the development of Ekaterinburg on the longer term.

«Development of Ekaterinburg, exclusively as a «city of factories» contradicted the need for intensive development in other areas: education, small business, trade and financial institutions. So with the wide representation of all levels of government and all segments of the population in the process of discussion, the mission of the city was defined as the scientific and industrial, financial and informative center of international scope. It stressed that the priority of the development of Ekaterinburg, was first focused on scientific and knowledgeable spheres, scientific and project services»,- emphasized the head of the Strategic Planning Committee.

As a result, during the years of realization of the strategic plan, positioning Ekaterinburg as an industrial, scientific, educational and administrative center strengthened a lot. There also appeared some new benefits, and now Ekaterinburg is the financial and business center of interregional and international level. And a summit of SCO and BRIC will demonstrate that to the whole world.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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