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News of Ekaterinburg

The Ural programmers have reached the final of the World championship

13 ноября 2009 22:14

The team of Ural state university has reached the final of the student's World sports programming championship for the sixth time. Having taken the tenth place in the semi-final of Northeast region, the team got a right to go to Harbin (China) where the final would be carried out in February, 2010.

By means of the Internet the semi-final was carried out simultaneously in St.-Petersburg, Barnaul, Tbilisi and Tashkent. 190 teams from Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia and Uzbekistan took part in the semi-final.

With the sense of merited pride the dean of the department of mechanics and mathematics of Ural state university Magaz Asanov especially underlines that, new finalists take not only different courses, but also specialize in different fields. Ivan Burmistrov is the first-year student of magistracy by specialty «Mathematics. Applied mathematics». Denis Dublenykh is the fourth year student by specialty «Computer safety». Evgenie Kurpilyansky is the second-year student by specialty «Computer sciences». He is probably the youngest finalist all over the world: He finished Special teaching and scientific center of Ural state university. Now he is only sixteen.

The team of Petrozavodsk University became the winner of the semi-final and new champion of Russia. That last year's world champions from St.-Petersburg University of information technology, mechanics and optics did not reach the final was evidence of seriousness of competition. Having taken the fourth place, they yielded to the second team of the same University which took the third place. By the rules of the competition every High School can be represented only by one team.

The tenth place brought to the team of Ural state university the diploma of 2 degree. Another two teams of Ural state university were also awarded. Oleg Dolgorukov, Olga Soboleva and Sofia Tekhazheva who had taken the 57th place, as well as Alexey Efremov, Feodor Fominykh,Vadim Kantorov who had taken 61 place got the diplomas of 3 degree.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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