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News of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg has celebrated historic Birthday

18 ноября 2009 21:31

On November, 18th the Ural capital celebrated historic Birthday. The city is 286 years old.

Today, on the occasion of Birthday different actions - historic balls, quizzes, exhibitions were organized in many municipal institutions. The action «The lights of Ekaterinburg» (Evening of museums) was simultaneously carried out on 15 grounds of the city.

In the evening holiday tram was running on the city center. Mistress of Copper Mountain, character of Bazhov's fairy tails was a guide.

According to the historic data, in the spring of 1723 by the decree of Emperor Peter I building of ironworks started on the banks of the Iset River.

The free river stream was dammed. Shops, church, straight streets of houses were built along the river. New settlement was surrounded by massive defensive installation.

November 7th (November, 18th by Old Style) 1723 date of run-up of large hammers in the shops became birthday of the city. In honor of empress Ekaterina I and the patroness of mountain crafts Saint Great martyr Ekaterina factory-fortress was named Ekaterinburg.

Ekaterinburg was built according to the general layout. The first such document shows that building of the city on the Iset was conducted according to the best samples of art of fortification of Germany, the Netherlands and France. The European character of the city was reflected not only in its name (German «burg» means «city»), but also in its planning.

Ekaterinburg was built as a capital of metallurgical area which occupied large territory on both sides of the Urals, in two parts of the world - Europe and Asia. The Ekaterinburg factory first surpassed in technological equipment all other ironworks of Russia and the world.

In 1725 Mint opened in Ekaterinburg. It had been providing Russia with copper coin for one and a half centuries.

In 1726 lapidary factory which became main supplier of products from the Ural semi-precious stones to holding supreme power St.-Petersburg and many European capitals was built.

Empress Ekaterina I named the city Ekaterinburg, and in 1781 Ekaterina II granted Ekaterinburg status of the city. During the rule of Ekaterina II, main road of the Russian Empire laid through the city. To the West of Ekaterinburg it was called Moscow highway, and to the east - Big Siberian highway. Thus, Ekaterinburg became a city-key to boundless and rich Siberia, «a window to Asia» just as Petersburg was Russian «window to Europe».

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News of Ekaterinburg
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