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News of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg in the view of experts: world-class economy

25 ноября 2009 21:57

According to the statistics published last week, Russia's «crisis» figures were not the worst among the figures of developed countries. It may seem amazing, but in October 2009 real available monetary incomes of the population exceeded the incomes of October-2008 by 3.9% (the return of Rosstat) - although during previous 11 months, they had been declining.

Experts say that it is caused by currency policy of Tsentrobank (increase in the exchange-value of the rouble and reduction of the rate of refinancing for credits were observed therefore purchasing capacity began growing, and it was one of the characteristics of determination of the level of incomes) and long inflationary stability which causes positive revaluation of economies. Let's add price-cutting by producers: in October prices for manufactured goods were by 0,9% lower than in September. It is the first reduction since January (since the beginning of 2009 prices for manufactured goods increased by 13,9%), in comparison with October, 2008, release prices for manufactured goods in October, 2009 are by 1,8% lower.

It is necessary to say that by the level of reduction of GNP Russia with negative figure (- 10,9%) leads in II quarter (Rosstat and Evrostat have information only for six months). For comparison: Japan ( - 6,5%); Italy ( - 6%), Germany ( - 5,9%), Great Britain (- 5,6%), the USA ( - 3,9%). Our partners by BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) have better figures: only Brazil has negative figure (- 1,6%), GNP of India and China increased by 4,1% and 7,1%, respectively.

At the same time by the level of setback in industrial production the Russian Federation has average figure (- 14,8%) : the range of setback in industrial production among developed countries varies from 29,9% (Japan) to 11,6% (Canada).

Our «national feature» is inflation: for last 5 years its level only once was below 10% per a year, while in developed countries it is much below, even during crisis deflation is observed in some countries such as Canada, China, the USA, France, Japan . We do not lead in the terms of unemployment (In October 7,7% per economically active population); Germany, England, Italy are at the same level the USA, France and Canada take the lead over us - in the USA first for 26 years 10,2% of able-bodied population are unemployed.

According to experts, not so serious drop in Russian production and caused by it replenishment at labour-market were called forth a few powerful territories which had been in time to modernize and diversify their economy before crisis. Ekaterinburg is known to be one of such areas. In November, 2009 the federal magazine «Expert» gave the following information: «Sverdlovsk/Ekaterinburg turned from ordinary city into a leader among the biggest Russian cities».

Due to what? In the beginning of 1990's we counted on development of small and medium business, trade. As the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky told «we have never had any difficulties with opening of our own business. Today about 300 thousand - almost half the workforce - are involved in small businesses: This figure is comparable with Western figures. Ekaterinburg is a leader in the terms of small innovative enterprises in the areas of industrial giants. It gave grounds to foretell us the glory of the American Silicon Valley. Ekaterinburg, which population makes 27% of the population of oblast, gives 2 / 3 of the volume of retail turnover of Sverdlovsk oblast and 60% of constructed houses.

The Ural capital is a center of attraction of investments and therefore is a center of economic activity of the population. The city daily employs 200-300 thousand of people from the neighboring municipalities of oblast. Since the beginning of this year 3 thousand 348 work places were created in the sphere of sale (51 objects of consumer market were commissioned). As you know, in the area where the population barely makes ends meet, new shops don't open. According to new rating of investment attractiveness of Russian cities, created by the experts of RBC, Ekaterinburg is at the top level, left behind Krasnodar, leader of the previous rating. We are leaders by most of figures. For example, by birth-rate: for 9 months of «crisis» year, 12 thousand 746 infants were born in the city. It exceeds the figure of corresponding period of 2008 by 8.9%, death-rate reduced by 4.3%; by the level of incomes; by the rate of commission of new housing; unemployment in Ekaterinburg is almost three times less than in Sverdlovsk oblast ...

Declared by the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev modernization of all Russian economy, which was being controlled by the Government of Russia headed by Vladimir Putin would rely on positive domestic experience including the experience of Ekaterinburg.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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