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News of Ekaterinburg

Sculpture «Eternity» appeared in Ekaterinburg

26 ноября 2009 21:05

Representatives of Guangzhou, the twin city of Ekaterinburg, gave Chkalovsky district of the Ural capital bronze sculpture, symbolizing eternity.

Guests from China spend the most part of their time in Chkalovsky district of the Ural capital. Ekaterinburg is on friendly terms with Chinese twin city not only on the scale of a megapolis, but also at the level of districts. One of them, located in Guangzhou and called Tyankhe, is a twin and partner of Chkalovsky district.

Relations between Tyankhe and Chkalovsky district were established in 2005 when memorandum of mutual understanding between administrative regional territories was signed. In April, 2009 the head of the administration of Chkalovsky districts Vyacheslav Misharin and his colleague from Tyankhe Syui Khantyan signed the memorandum of establishment of mutual relations in sphere of public health services, culture, trade, education, sports and exchange of talents.

Having returned from Ekaterinburg, Syui Khantyan commissioned his assistants to prepare for the Ural friends a deserved gift which would show good feelings of the Chinese party, and would become embodiment of best wishes. Famous sculptor Khe Tszyantsyun began putting feelings into a shape. His abstract sculptural composition became an expression of hope of eternal harmony in friendship and cooperation.

«Eternity» made from bronze, arrived in Ekaterinburg together with the Chinese delegation. On November, 23rd the sculpture was solemnly installed in park «Zelenostroy» which was located opposite microdistrict «Botanichesky».

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News of Ekaterinburg
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