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News of Ekaterinburg

Olympians will hold special program for children in the opening day of the Popov Cup

30 ноября 2009 21:10

Large-scale show program «Olympians to children» will be held in the Ekaterinburg circus on December 4. Best 2600 children from sports schools of Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk oblast who go in for different kinds of sport were invited at the festival.

The program «Olympians to children» will start at 6 p.m., almost one hour of the program will be devoted to the solemn autograph-session with Olympic champions Alexander Popov, Alexey Nemov, Alexander Karelin, Murat Kardanov, Michael Mamiashvili, Alexander Tuchkin, Igor Lavrov, Oleg Grebnev, Alexander Moskalenko, Elena Vyalbe, Evgenie Dementyev, Sergey Chepikov, Zynaida Amosova, Anton Sikharulidze, Oleg Saitov, Alexander Lebzyak, and also with participants of Paralympic games. Children can communicate and be photographed with their idols. Famous sportsmen will specially gather to talk to children in informal atmosphere, to interest and support beginning sportsmen, to motivate young generation for own victories in sport and life.

Besides children and famous sportsmen, representatives of embassy, the regional government and the city Administration will become visitors of the Ekaterinburg Circus on December, 4th. Specially for young spectators of the program «Olympians to children» advertising video about sports victories and achievements was shot. The most remarkable moments of professional life of Olympic champions, circus artists and children-pupils of the schools of Olympic reserve were included into this advertising video.

At the solemn ceremony of opening of the program «Olympians to children» fourfold Olympic champion, the initiator of carrying out in the Ural capital of open junior swimming competitions Alexander Popov will address with a welcoming speech and kind parting words to children. According to organizers, the show program «Olympians to children» is a bright, unforgettable holiday and real present for children. Communication with sports «stars» who will gather for the first time in Ekaterinburg in such composition, will become outstanding event for children.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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