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News of Ekaterinburg

Elite of Russian jurisprudence arrived in Ekaterinburg

4 декабря 2009 21:27

Supreme leaders of the Association of the lawyers - chairman of Counting Chamber of the Russian Federation, chairman of Duma lawmaking committee Pavel Krasheninnikov and adviser of the President of Russia Veniamin Yakovlev visited the Ural capital.

The delegation arrived in Ekaterinburg to present Prize «Lawyer of the Year», which was awarded to our countryman Sergey Alekseev. He is the first man in our country who was awarded this honor. The prize was established by the Association of Lawyers of Russia only last year. It was confirmed by the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in October, 2009.

Choice of Alekseev as «Lawyer of the Year» is unique event. This candidacy did not provoke objections of the President and the Board of Association of lawyers, all unanimously agreed that living in Yekaterinburg, Sergey Alekseev was the most prominent lawyer in our country,» - Sergey Stepashin said.

In addition, as chairman of Counting Chamber of Russia noted, Sverdlovsk oblast will be the first subject of Russia, where the centers of liquidation of lawful nihilism would be established. The initiative to establish such centers belongs to the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, who signed a decree on measures to improve the quantity of higher legal education in the country. It includes not only task of reformation of educational sphere, but also improvement of general legal literacy. In the near future something like assistance centers will appear in all the regions of Russia. In these centers citizens will be free of charge explained laws made by authorities, and how these laws will defend common Russians.

«As for Sverdlovsk oblast, why it was chosen as a region of pilot project, we all know that the Ural school of jurisprudence one of the best in post-Soviet space. It means that the first step should be taken right here», - Sergey Stepashin said.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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