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News of Ekaterinburg

Dmitry Medvedev Visited a New Neighborhood Unit of Ekaterinburg, called Akademichesky

15 июня 2009 21:14

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has visited a new residential neighborhood unit Akademichesky today. The State Leader was accompanied by the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky and the president of the company «Renova-StroyGrup» Veniamin Golubitsky to South-western territory of the Ural capital.

According to Veniamin Golubitsky, a draft of this complex was established in 2006. Nowadays the whole unit exists ready. In particular, there are two 7-storeyed houses and one - 11-storeyed house built; and two more buildings are close to be completed. The roads and the entire necessary engineering infrastructure are activated.

In the neighborhood unit there are going to be built more than 13 million square meters of real estate, 9 million of them are habitation, and about 4 million are social and commercial infrastructure objects. «This is the largest urban development project in Europe»,- noted Veniamin Golubitsky. The total area of the complex, which will reside approximately 325 thousand people, would be 1 300 hectares. Its construction will be carried out until 2026.

Having inspected built houses from outside and being aware of the layout, which presented the final form of the future neighborhood unit, the president got up into one of the apartments. Dmitry Medvedev inspected the standard «dvushka» (two-room flat) and was satisfied with the quality of new housing.

At the exit from the house Dmitry Medvedev talked with the workers. The Head of State thanked them for their work. «I am pleasantly surprised, - he admitted. - In 2006 we had only dreams, but now there are real buildings standing over here. I am sure the unit area is good. It's nice to see that the designs are transferred to real houses, especially when you have a little attitude to it».

Dmitry Medvedev also asked what kind of difficulties the builders faced, and whether they were regularly paid salaries. Hearing an affirmative answer, Dmitry Medvedev wished them good luck and at the workers' request was photographed with them in memory.

It is noteworthy that the first houses in the «Akademichesky» unit will be finished as soon as possible. As Veniamin Golubitsky announced, the draft was based on new principles of comfortable accommodation, environmental and infrastructure development. According to him, the project will facilitate the creation of «a new quality of life».

Let us recall that the neighborhood unit «Akademichesky» is one of the main elements of the Strategic Plan of development in Ekaterinburg and the General Plan of constructing in the capital of the Urals.

As press secretary of the Head of Ekaterinburg Konstantin Pudov reported, now «Akademichesky» unit escalated the scope of the city project, or even regional one, going out of its value at the federal level.

«In Ekaterinburg it is very important as a project of integrated development of the area, as a comprehensive housing program, aimed at creating a new neighborhood unit,- said Konstantin Pudov.- Not less important is the experience of «Akademichesky» for general state level as a vivid example of the major national project «Affordable and Comfortable Housing to Citizens of Russia» realizing. To date, this is actually the largest integrated building project in Russia, using modern technology, with modern infrastructure, and with full paths. There have also been included the environmental points. For that purpose the form of private-state partnership was consciously chosen. The city cooperating with such strong investor group «Renova», representing the builder, and the company «Renova-StroyGroup», became an example of private-state partnership for 15 years, that is, in fact, for a mid-fixed period».

Konstantin Pudov also noted that even without «Akademichesky» unit, Ekaterinburg during the past 2 or 3 years remained a leader in Russia by the number of housing erected on a per capita basis. In particular, as a result of the year 2008, it managed to get almost close to the rate defined by federal authorities, which is a square meter of housing per year per inhabitant. In Ekaterinburg in 2008 there were erected over 955 thousand square meters of housing, which corresponds to 0.7 meters of housing per person.

And in this respect «Akademichesky» unit acts as a guarantee that Ekaterinburg remains the leader in housing, in spite of the prevailing situation in the past six months. «Today Ekaterinburg is one of the few cities growing in terms of demographics and in terms of migration. Therefore, such projects in the area of housing, as well as job creating, provide the prerequisites for the city to continue growing»,- emphasized Konstantin Pudov.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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