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News of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg provides the Middle Urals with birth rate

7 декабря 2009 22:23

The latest information of Federal Agency of the state statistics about birth and death rates, natality, quantity of marriages and divorces in Russia and in the regions since the beginning of this year was published.

As a whole for January-October 1 million 475 thousand 81 people were born in the country that was by 40 thousand 556 people more than for the similar period of last year. As births rates exceeded death rates almost by 76 thousand, than in 2008, natural loss of population was reduced to 1,7% against 2.7% of pre-crisis period.

In the territory of Ural federal district birth rate is in general agreement with average Russian figures (increase by 2,8 %), however Sverdlovsk oblast is a leader of Ural federal okrug: increase by 4 %; 47 thousand 381 babies were born in the Middle Ural for 10 months, by 1 thousand 818 children more than for the same period of last year.

Only 15 regions of 83 subjects of the Russian Federation take the lead over the Middle Urals on the figures of birth rates. As they say, main contribution of Ekaterinburg to increase of birth rate of Sverdlovsk oblast was made by Ekaterinburg. Increase of birth rate in the Ural capital is 8,9% (according to the information till October; live data confirms keeping this tendency), practically it is one of the best figures in the country: Magadan oblast - 10,8 %; St.-Petersburg - 9.8%; Moscow - 7.3%.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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