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News of Ekaterinburg

Over half a million people visited the Ekaterinburg zoo in 2009

15 декабря 2009 22:16

The Ekaterinburg zoo began summing up its work in 2009.

Over half a million people visited the zoo this year. Results of last years showed that 20% of them were citizens who are given privileges for visiting. So, children under the age of three years, handicapped persons of all groups, large families, children without care of parents, military men serving for a fixed period and participants of wars have got right to visit the zoo absolutely free.

Approximate calculation for 11 months of 2009 since January till the beginning of December showed that 123.7 thousand exempts had visited the zoo. «Days of mercy are held annually in the Ekaterinburg zoo. They have salutary influence upon every person, - the chief of press-service of the zoo Maria Demenshina informed. - After all animals are recognized healers for human mentality and body, not without reason animal therapy is considered to be one of the most effective methods of treatment of various diseases».

«Besides each visiting of a zoo presents new impressions, after all animals, birds, reptiles and its other inhabitants change day by day, leading their natural life, submitting natural laws of time and following the biological rhythms.
Even in different periods of day and night the zoo looks differently. In the morning the majority of animals leading a day way of life, smartens themselves, prepares for coming day; during afternoon time the predators, waiting for their portion of meat quicken; and by the evening twilight and night inhabitants of the zoo appear,- Maria Demenshina told.

Let's remind, the zoo is open daily since 10 a.m. It works without days off and breaks, and in holidays it works by one hour longer, than in workdays.


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News of Ekaterinburg
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