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News of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg is in the top five by budgetary expenditures per capita

16 декабря 2009 21:45

Ekaterinburg spends for the dwellers more than the majority of cities with a population of one million or more can presume.

According to the rating made by agency «Finans», 21,2 thousand rubles from the city budget-2009 falls on each dweller of Ekaterinburg. Thus, by this figure the Ural capital became inaccessible for such large regional centers, as Samara (13,1 thousand roubles), Omsk (13,8), Kazan (13,8), Chelyabinsk (13,8), Ufa (14,7) and Nizhny Novgorod (17,3 thousand roubles).

Moscow (137,8) and St.-Petersburg (73,1) are the leaders. Rostov-on-Don (23,1) and Novosibirsk (22,4) lag behind them.

As organizers of the rating say, leadership of two capitals in budgetary prosperity account for not only by large-scale economy, but also by distinction of tax bases. First, being the subjects of federation, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg have more serious sources of receipts. They receive part of income tax: for the official capital of Russia it is about third of all incomes, for Northern one - approximately one fifth.

One more expensive privilege of city-regions is organization property tax. For example, following the results of 2009 Moscow treasury is expected to receive more than 20 billion roubles only from one «Gazprom». Less considerable, but also essential income items are excises and transport tax.

Secondly, if to compare the same sources in different cities two capitals will be in advantageous position. Moscow and Saint-Petersburg have more tax-payers both legal and natural persons. As a rule they are richer. Besides, a great number of people from suburbs of Moscow working in the capital companies and sharing a part of salaries with the budget of Moscow, is not taken into account in the statistics as population of Moscow.

In total according to Rosstat, by the beginning of 2009 in Russia there were 11 cities with the population more than 1 million people. By December, 2009 the population of Ekaterinburg made more than 1 million and 351 thousand people. During one year it increased by 10 thousand.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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