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News of Ekaterinburg

First-rate trade and entertaining centre of Russia opened in the heart of Ekaterinburg

17 декабря 2009 21:08

Having put into operation the third turn, trade and entertaining centre «Grinwich» increased its sizes 3 times more. Now the area of the complex makes more than 150 thousand square meters. With opening of new building stylized a la the beginning of the XX-th century, the choice of the goods and services increased. The quality of services also improved.

Having congratulated the dwellers on start such «New Year's gift», the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky noticed that the trade and entertaining complex developed within the limits of the city strategic project «Central trade zone». Appearance of the shop meets high architectural requirements made to the objects in the central part of the city.

Let's remind, that company «Malysheva, 73» was engaged in realization of the project. At the expense of means allocated basically by this company the esplanade leading from Sheinkman Street to the area in front of the central entrance of «Grinwich» was built by City Day-2009. The Head of the city also expressed his thanks to all who participated in building of the esplanade. He noticed that the Ekaterinburg business took responsible approach to social projects that promoted development of the Ural capital and improvement of quality of life of the dwellers. Besides this new street, subway pedestrian crossing leading from Vainer Street under Radischev Street directly to new object will open tomorrow.

As for the dwellers and visitors of the city, preferring to get trade and entertaining center by personal cars, new two-level underground parking for 1000 places already works. It is possible to get this parking from Kuibyshev Street. As a whole the quantity of places for cars in «Grinwich» is more than two thousand.

As for internal content of the complex, start of new areas increased the quantity of presented Russian and world brands, such as «Detsky mir» and «Zara», and «old» tenants essentially expanded formats for comfort of the dwellers.

In particular, the quantity of halls of multiplex «Titanic Sinema» reached 10. The area of the hall of restaurant «Pir» which had opened in new place on the third floor of the center increased in several times. Because of it tens new cosy corners-tables and zone of self-service appeared.

Now the restaurant can admit simultaneously 1000 people that allows to hold various celebrations here. In the biggest «Pir» of Ekaterinburg admirers of Russian, Italian and oriental cookery can taste a great number of new dishes. Media market «Sphera» also increased its areas as well as assortment.

In a word, opening of the third turn allows to consider «Grinwich» not only as a shopping center, but also as a place of qualitative leisure.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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