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News of Ekaterinburg

The city Duma fixed the final variant of the budget of Ekaterinburg for 2010

22 декабря 2009 23:10

On December, 22nd, 2009 at the regular session the deputies of the municipal Duma fixed the budget for 2010 in the second, final reading.

The document was presented by the chief of Financial and budgetary department in municipal union «the city of Ekaterinburg» Andrey Koryukov. As he said, the project of main financial document of the Ural capital had been created in strict conformity with the budgetary legislation of the country, the message of the President of Russia to Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the message of the governor of Sverdlovsk oblast to regional parliament and decree of the Head of Ekaterinburg.
«Great volume of works was carried out at all levels of government for abolition of «negative transfer» concerning the city budget», - Andrey Koryukov underlined.

Main figures of the budget-2010

Incomes - 20 billion and 195 million roubles

Expenses - 21 billion and 512 million roubles

Deficiency (excess of incomes over expenses) - 1 billion and 317 million roubles or 9,1 %

Income part consists of tax and non-tax incomes (72 %) and gratuitous receipts from higher budgets (28 %). The structure of the main incomes in the budget-2010 is following:

Poll tax - 6 billion and 952 million roubles (32 % from a total sum of incomes)

Imputed earnings single tax for separate kinds of activity - 1 billion and 118 million rubles (5,2 %)

Land tax - 1 billion and 838 million rubles (8,6 %)

Use of municipal property tax - 2 billion and 957 million rubles (12,8 %)

Part of expenditure includes the following items:

Education - 8 billion and 341 million rubles (38,8 % from a total sum of expenses)

Public health services, physical training and sports - 2 billion and 773 million rubles (13 %)

Culture, cinematography and mass-media - 593 million rubles (2,8 %)

Housing and communal services - 2 billion and 616 million rubles (12,2 %)

National economy (including public conveyances development) - 2 billion and 355 million rubles (15,5 %)

Social policy (including monetization of social facility in housing and communal services) - 2 billion and 34 million rubles (9,5 %)

National expenses - 1 billion and 540 million rubles (7,2 %)

In total the share of social expenses in the budget-2010 will make 64 %, Andrey Koryukov underlined.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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