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News of Ekaterinburg

Arkady Chernetsky sent his greetings to the Ekaterinburg dwellers on the occasion of New Year

28 декабря 2009 21:20

The Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky sent his greetings to the Ekaterinburg dwellers on the occasion of forthcoming New Year.

As he says: «New Year is one of the most popular, welcome, joyful and sincere holidays. Since the early childhood we associate it with belief in a miracle, expectation that our fond dreams will be realized. Celebrating this holiday, we by tradition recollect the brightest minutes of expiring year, we evaluate all done work, we plan projects for the future.

2009 year was full of proceedings and projects directed at the development and beautification of our home - native Ekaterinburg. It gave us very important events: carrying out of the summit of Shanghai cooperation organization and the summit of Brazil, Russia, India and China. It became evaluation from the direct of federal management and the international community of that potential, which city had created for last 10 years. During carrying out of the summits attention of all the world was riveted to the Ural capital.

Expiring year was uneasy for us: it became a real durability test of the economy of our city. It also tested abilities of business and government to concentrate attention to priorities and not to allow deviating from the reached positions.

Having jointed their efforts, the Ekaterinburg dwellers carried out much work which allowed the Ural capital to head for the further development.

It is very pleasant that for 2009 the population of Ekaterinburg increased almost by 8 thousand people. 500 of them are natural demographic increase.

Housing-building moves ahead briskly: over 750 thousand square meters of habitation were commissioned in 2009. After commission of trade and entertainment centers «Alatyr» and «Greenwich» the total area of commercial and social real estate made 820 thousand square meters.

This year we opened newly erected school in microdistrict «Botanichesky» for 700 vacancies. Commission of reconstructed and expanded objects of education is not less significant event: it is a matter of grammar schools №104 of Zhelezodorozhny district and schools №22 of Ordzhonikidzevsky district.

The preschool education system «increased» by 14 municipal kindergartens, 4 of which were constructed last year. 10 objects were reconstructed and returned their first status. In total this year at the expense of the program on creation of extra vocations in the kindergartens we received more than 1500 vocations for children.

New children's polyclinic №13 in Tkachey Street, and restored polyclinic of city children's hospital №10 started working for them. Two new hospitals of city children's hospital №15 - in Uralmash and Elmash opened. Besides, department of resuscitation and intensive therapy started working. On the foundation of city clinical hospital №40 the unique burn centre and the second turn of the regional vascular center opened.

Our program on building of fitness and sports center in each city district is carried out. This year such gift was presented to the dwellers of Verkh-Isetsky district. Besides sports ground for the dwellers of the district this complex will become base for football sport school. Building and restoration of multipurpose yard courts are proceeding; there will be new grounds with an artificial covering for playing football.

On the eve of New Year it is done to give gifts, and the most pleasent gift for us is flyover of Gurzufskaya Street-Repin Street-Tokarey Street-Metalurgov Street-Serafima Derjabina Street where full two-level traffic opened. It is the main object of road building in 2009. Scherbakov Street was reconstructed and widened. Works on flyover around Moskovskaya Street-Bolshakov Street-Yasnaya-Posadskaya Street is also proceeding.

In spite of everything, we build underground. The main thing is that we do not recede from the purposes of strategic plan which provide confidence in the future. This year all spadework under the project «Transport pass of Ekaterinburg» was carried out, and since January, 1st in all kinds of public conveyances the dwellers will be able to use the electronic form of payment of trip. In metro this project is already successfully realized.

We managed to defend the budget of Ekaterinburg for 2010 it means that in the Ural capital serious work which main goal is creation of comfortable conditions for residing of the dwellers will proceed. Main part of the city budget in 2010 - 64 % - will be sent to the social sphere. 40 % of the budget will be sent to education. We plan to build and reconstruct more kindergartens.

Studying urgent goals, we always remember necessity of the guaranteed social support of needy levels of population, therefore in Ekaterinburg variety of municipal compensatory payments will go on functioning.
Dear dwellers! In pre-New Year's days we not only sum up, we analyze lessons of expiring year, but we also plan the future and we believe in success.

I congratulate all the dwellers of the Ural capital, each family! After all New Year is a remarkable family holiday. Let's make good acts, tell relatives warm words, show care and respect, attention and support. Let elevated mood and aspiration to create good do not leave you during this year!

Have light and joyful holiday! Happy New Year!»

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News of Ekaterinburg
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