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News of Ekaterinburg

Arkady Chernetsky summed up expiring year

29 декабря 2009 22:10

Today, on December, 29th the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky held final press conference devoted to the results of 2009 and prospects for 2010. Within the limits of the meeting with journalists the mayor listed «pluses» and «minuses» of development of the Ural capital in 2009.

The first negative moment is decrease of volumes of output which, however, is fixed not only in Ekaterinburg, but also in all the country.

The second negative moment is decrease of receipts to the budget. «If in 2008 we could realize the program of development, in 2009 we couldn't do it any more. We managed to realize only a few projects»,- the mayor explained.

Increase of unemployment - from 0,7% to 2,12% became the third negative moment. However even for today rate of unemployment in the Ural capital is twice below similar figure for Sverdlovsk oblast.

The mayor of the Ural capital also noted preservation of average salary in Ekaterinburg at the rate of 2008 - 22,5 thousand rubles, while as a whole in the country rate of salaries decreased.
Nevertheless, Arkady Chernetsky underlined that, because of continuing inflation real level of incomes of the population had reduced a little.

As positive moments of life of city in 2009 Arkady Chernetsky first of all denoted continuing of demographic growth. According to his information, in 2009 the population of Ekaterinburg increased by 8,5 thousand people. During two years the Ural capital shows increase of population not only due to migration, but also due to natural increase. At present, natural increase of population was fixed only in two Russian cities - Ufa and Ekaterinburg.

The second positive moment is rather confident situation in capital construction. 783 thousand square meters of habitation compared to planned 730 thousand were erected in Ekaterinburg during the current year.

Over 820 thousand square meters of commercial premises were commissioned. In safe 2008 year this figure made 859 thousand square meters. As the most interesting projects the Head of Ekaterinburg denoted opened trade and entertaining centers «Greenwich», «Alatyr», «Evropa», «Fan-Fan». This year 8 trade and entertaining centers opened in the city. According to the mayor this year was successful for hotels construction. 11 institutions, including 8 new buildings opened. Three more hotels were reconstructed.

This year was not less successful for social sphere. Three schools, 14 kindergartens (new buildings and reconstructed objects), number of institutions of public health care (children's polyclinic in Oktyaborsky district, hospital №40, children's hospital N15) opened.

The Head of Ekaterinburg noted achievements in housing and communal services and in the sphere of beautification. According to his information 177 square meters of roads were repaired, three large road objects (flyovers in the crossing of the streets Moskovskaya - Bolshakov - Yasnaya - Posadskaya, Gurzufskaya - Serafima Deryabina - Repin - Tokarey) were finished, Scherbakov Street was also widened. It was possible to repair 800 houses and more than 1000 lifts. However the mayor underlined that such field of operations would be impossible without participation of federal funds.

«As a whole thanks to good, coordinated work of government, society and business this year was satisfactory»,- the Head of Ekaterinburg said.

Arkady Chernetsky also explained his vision of social and economic situation in the Ural capital in coming 2010. As he said, next year will be complicated enough, especially its first part, at the same time, without any doubt, it will become the beginning of new economic growth both in the country, and in Ekaterinburg.

«There are preconditions for it in Ekaterinburg; however the overcoming the crisis for will be more complicated for our city, than for other municipalities. We were falling away into crisis more slowly and we will get out more slowly. The reason is specificity of industrial sphere. The mechanical engineering prevailing in Ekaterinburg is more inert, than metallurgy which depends basically on instability of prices at the London stock exchange of metals»,- the mayor explained.

At the same time he underlined that next year small-scale business would play serious role in prosperity of Ekaterinburg. According to the mayor, change of real incomes of the population will become important enough figure next year. If the consumer demand falls, it will be worse for the city, than instability of metal prices, therefore the city Administration will hold number of actions, in particular, strict control over timely payment of the salary at the enterprises, non-admission of «withdrawal» of salaries in grey schemes.

As for concrete projects which are supposed to be realized in 2010, that, according to the Head of Ekaterinburg, building of kindergartens will be continued, reconstruction of maternity hospital of city hospital №40 will be finished. Reconstruction of Scherbakov Street and building of flyover in Moskovskaya Street will be continued. Finishing of reconstruction of the Central stadium is expected. Erection of new sports and fitness complexes will be also continued.

New commercial objects - center «Obi» and business center «Plaza» near railway station should appear in 2010.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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