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News of Ekaterinburg

«Cherry orchard» of ice has opened in the Ural capital

30 декабря 2009 21:53

In the evening on December, 29th ice town «Cherry orchard», devoted to anniversary of great Russian writer Anton Chekhov opened in Ekaterinburg at the square of the Revolution of 1905.

Almost each ice sculpture personifies any of Chekhov's works. Atmosphere of the Russia of the end of XIX - the beginning of XX century reigns in ice town. Big ice-hill «Island Sakhalin» with slope of three meters in width and ten meters in height is located in the center of the town. In front of the ice-hill there is skating rink with fence, resembling frozen lake.

Lamps and connecting gangway are created in the style of late Russian classicism. Stylized complex «Chekhovian garden» represents rotunda. Light cherry trees, tracery carving give the impression of the path of orchard. Ten 6-meter light «trees» were made specially for this project. Bulbs have the form of cherry blossom. 6 thousand bulbs decorate every tree. There are about 60 thousand such bulbs in the orchard. The height of rotunda and complex adjoined to it makes more than eight meters. Sculptures of 22 Chekhovian heroines were installed on the ice pedestal.

Dominant of the ice town is 44-meter artificial fur-tree which symbolizes 44 years of the life of Anton Chekhov. This year main city fur-tree is twice as much as last fur-tree (then its height was 25 meters).

Ice town will be open till February, 14th, 2010. Organizers notice that last year it was visited by over 1 million people.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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