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News of Ekaterinburg

Beautification services removed 50 thousand tons of snow from the streets of Ekaterinburg

11 января 2010 22:30

The Administration of Ekaterinburg summed up work of beautification services on clearing of snow, liquidation of slippery coat of ice on the roads of the Ural capital on New Year's holidays.

As the vice-chairman of Committee of beautification of the city Egor Svalov noted, active clearing of ice and snow in the Ural capital had been conducted for the whole first decade of January. The situation was complicated by heavy snowfall on the night of January, 5th. During this time for one day monthly rate of precipitation fell in the city. After snowfall hard frost to 30 degrees below zero became. As a result snowdrifts appeared. Roads were quickly covered by slippery coat of ice. All available snow-ploughs cleared snow. During all last Christmas week every day about 400 different snow-removing mechanisms and over 380 road workers were involved in this work.

Daily under the chairmanship of the deputy Head of Ekaterinburg Eugenie Lipovich sitting on snow cleaning was held in the City Administration. This collective body supervised and continues supervising clearing process. After appeal of the city authorities to the enterprises and organizations of the Ural capital on use departmental machinery, such enterprises as Stroimekhanizatsiya, Mostootryad-72, City department of road-building, Akademmekhanizatsiya, Ceramic factory and other specialized structures came to the rescue. They sent available snow-removing mechanisms (first of all catarpillars, bulldozers and dumpers) for help.

By common efforts since January, 4th till January, 11th about 50 thousand tons of snow were removed from the territory of Ekaterinburg.

First of all bridges, overpasses, flyovers and narrow thoroughfares were cleared from snow. Then so-called «non categorical» (central) roads and streets, and also roads of the first category were cleared. Besides, under the decree of the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky special attention was paid to clearing of the busiest crossroads, pedestrian crossings, slopes, rises and zones of stop of public conveyances. Beautification services were actively involved in liquidation of track and slippery coat of ice on the roadways of the city streets. Now this work is proceeding.

As central streets were put in order accent of works was displaced on roads of the second and the third categories, and also on clearing of adjoining streets, internal thoroughfare and entrances to the yard.

Beautification services actively use antiglaze material. During the first decade of January over 300 tons of mixes were strewed. However hard frosts didn't allow road services to gain necessary effect using chemical antiglazy mixes. In particular, actively used material «Bionord» is good up to 25 degrees below zero. Therefore at lower temperatures road workers have to use sand. For 10 days of new 2010 year over 600 tons of sand were used in Ekaterinburg.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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