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News of Ekaterinburg

One more bus terminal will appear in the west of Ekaterinburg

12 января 2010 22:42

No doubt that it is necessary to locate bus terminals in different parts of the city. Otherwise it makes many problems.

I remember how I used to leave for Rezh from Elmash through bus terminal in Schors Street. And why should guest from Kamensk-Uralsky go through traffic jam in the center of Ekaterinburg if he is going to Vtuzgorodok? And if destination in the city is not located on the route of intercity bus it is better to get it by municipal transport - if, of course, its routes are concentrated there.

Idea to protect the center of the city from additional buses and minibuses is also actual.

The Administration of Ekaterinburg founded places for two new bus terminals - near metro station «Botanicheskaya» and near Shartashsky market and railway station «Shartash». And one of these days at meeting held by the deputy Head of Ekaterinburg Vladimir Kritsky initiative of other vice-mayor Eugenie Lipovich, concerning future Western bus terminal which should take on passengers from Pervouralsk, Revda, Krasnoufimsk and other settlements which are situated in the west from was being considered.

The territory of the re-cultivated former marshy lowland between Kraul Street and Metallurgov Street, in the backs of Novomoskovsky market is supposed to become ground for this object. This territory was chosen because of a few large shopping centers which can become main goal of part of visitors. It will be possible to get other parts of the city by trolley bus which turn ring will be moved here along Kraul Street, by bus, and in the course of time - by metro. According to the project, line of the second turn of the Ekaterinburg underground will be built here.

One block separates prospective ground of future bus terminal from the territory reserved for building of the Big ice arena (in the long term - one more goal for city visitors). According to general layout this block should be built up by many-storied apartment houses, but during meeting the expediency of it was called in question. If it is better to build big multilevel parking which, besides services for fanciers of skating stadia, could assume functions of intercepting parking. Future flyover in Parkavaya Street will provide the parking with entrance from Novomoskovskaya Street.

Of course, problem on bus terminal building may not be solved for one day, creating and realization of the project will take much time, but today it is important to reserve territory, to connect it with plans of development of transport net, to prepare specifications for designers, to find investors, to organize competitive procedures. Only such system approach will allow to solve problem in a complex and with maximum efficiency.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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