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News of Ekaterinburg

This year will pass in Ekaterinburg under the sign of France

15 января 2010 22:56

The greatest quantity of actions devoted to the year of France in Russia which will be held in Sverdlovsk oblast, will take place in Ekaterinburg.

As Tatyana Yoroshevskaya, the head of department of culture of the Administration of Ekaterinburg informed, close cooperation of the Ural capital with Frenchmen began since 2006 when «French spring» was held for the first time. The French art workers are on good terms with their colleagues from the Ural capital. Not only people studying the French language, but also those who get acquainted with culture of the different states are interested in these programs.

One of the most interesting actions devoted to the year of Franco-Russian cultural exchange will be held in Ekaterinburg this autumn. It is a matter of industrial biennial. Tatyana Yoroshevskaya told that the Ural capital would be visited by group of modern French artists who would create art objects on industrial areas of the city. The exhibition of the French photographers is planned to organize in Veniamin Metenkov House museum.

Actions devoted to the year of France in Russia started in Ekaterinburg last year, the majority of actions and projects will be also continued in the present year. For example, since 2009 the municipal Integrated museum of writers of the Urals holds cycle of evenings «To like literature». It was dated for the year of France in Russia and the year of Russia in France which 2010 is declared.

Once two months French writers arrived in Ekaterinburg to communicate with the Ekaterinburg readers, to read and comment texts of great authors of French literature. It carries on the tradition of communication between French and Russian literatures which lasts since century before last.

In October, 2009 philologist, philosopher, journalist of «Liberason» and «Nuvel Observater» Olivier Rolen visited Ekaterinburg. He gave the lecture «Shatobrian in «Sepulchral notes» about the Empire and revolution». One month ago Emmanuel Karrer, film critic, script writer, director known thanks to film «Moustaches» after one of his novels gave the lecture «Promises at sunrise» at the Chamber theater (it is included into the complex «Integrated museum of writers of the Urals»). His main works are novels "Monster", «2007», «Russian novel».

Besides, on February, 10th, 2010 poet, prose writer, thinker-essayist, publisher Jean-Christophe Baii co-operating with theatrical directors of France, Italy, Russia, author of the book about Fayum portraits, monographies about creativity of Miro, Duchamp, Baudelaire, Benjamin, Pere and others will arrive in Ekaterinburg.

On April, 8th Ekaterinburg will be visited by Pierre Mishon, author of ten books about how he became a writer, creativity torments and teachers - Faulkner, Bekket, Rimbaud, Balzac, Hugo and Flaubert. On May, 19th author of nine novels characterized by minimalist style, winner of the award Medici Jean Philip Thyssen will visit the city.

However main action of the project will take place in June, 2010. Ekaterinburg will meet «International literary express» in which French writers will go along the Trans-Siberian highway from Moscow to Vladivostok. In Ekaterinburg five French authors will give lectures in the Integrated museum of writers of the Urals.

15 French writers will travel by this train.

First night of performance «Ninny Gribul and Mister Bumblebee» directed by Emily Valanten after motives of fairy tale of George Sand, translated by Natalia Sannikova will be staged in the Ekaterinburg puppet show.

After the drafts Emily Valanten and her assistant Jules Rishar made puppets of main characters of performance. Casting was held in a few stages - Emily was so pleased with actors of the puppet show that it was very difficult for her to choose 12 actors. Rehearsals are carried out since November, 2009. In the end of January Emily Valanten will arrive in Ekaterinburg to stage the performance in February.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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