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News of Ekaterinburg

Trolleybus for rigorous natural conditions will appear on the roads of Ekaterinburg

20 января 2010 21:52

«Tram and trolleybus department» received new trolleybus of the model СТ-6217 produced in Novosibirsk at the enterprise «Siberian trolleybus». This trolleybus is at most adapted for work in natural conditions of Siberia and the Urals.

Trolleybus has electric equipment of new generation; it has the system of electronic control of the traction asynchronous engine. This system provides smooth run of the trolleybus, percussive dynamic reducer load decreases, service life increases. Thanks to use of electronic control system waste of electric power in starting up and braking rheostats are completely liquidated.

Moreover, new trolleybus can give the electric power back to trolley line at the expense of recuperation. In the aggregate these qualities makes «Siberian trolleybus» more economic.

In the case of appearance of obstacle on the road or disappearance of voltage the block of autonomous run allows trolleybus to continue running without connection to trolley line. Stock of autonomous run makes 200 meters.

With the help of the trip computer drivers and repair personnel will be able to see speed and the schedule of change of speed of the trolleybus, and also to receive all necessary information on operating conditions of the machine, including data of control devices of leakage current and electricity supply meter.

Trolleybus СТ-6217 has such recent attributes as doors of rotary-movable type, luminescent illumination, electronic route indicator, running line, conditioner is installed in the cabin of driver Double-glazed windows are installed in the salon.

New trolley bus has number 397. Now balancing and commissioning are carried out in the maintenance shop. It is planned that trolleybus will start running in the end of January.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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