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News of Ekaterinburg

Realization of the world exhibition project starts in Ekaterinburg

21 января 2010 21:33

Unique joint exhibition project «Unity of the world is in the unity of family» is realized by the Ekaterinburg art fund and Ural state university.

The project is calculated on a few years, but in October, 2010 international exhibition consisting of sculptural and photographic works of professional authors from hundred countries of the world will be held in Ekaterinburg. Main goal of the project is one hundred products, hundred authors, carrying out of the exhibition in hundred countries of the world. The mobile exposition will draw attention to the Ural capital all over the world.

«Peoples of the world differ from each other in color of skin, cultural and religious preferences, living conditions and social status. But family values are the only thing that is essence of cultures and historical traditions of peoples of the world. We don't differ from each other in it»,- ideologist of exhibition, general director of the Ekaterinburg art fund Sergey Titlinov thinks.

«Every university is more, than just a High School,- pro-rector on international contacts of Ural state university Maxim Khomyakov noted.- It is not only educational, but also international, cultural, and intellectual centre, independent territory for different contacts and negotiations. Emphasizing width of social functions of university, art will give people good possibility to look at Ural state university in days of its 90th anniversary in new, unexpected light».

On its own initiative the Ekaterinburg art fund has been preparing new international project almost for year. It improves previous one which consisted in creation of all-Russian mobile exhibition «Unity of the nation is in the unity of family». During four years this exposition visited many regions of Russia, it was at the Kremlin, and in December, 2009 exhibition was shown at the international airport «Koltsovo».

World exhibition is supposed to be shown at universities and airports. Drawing numerous of foreign academic partners in the project can become the contribution of Ural state university.

The Ekaterinburg art fund daily carries on dialogue with creators in different languages, studies and respects features of national culture of different countries. Today sculptors and photographers from more than 60 countries are ready to take part in the international exhibition «Family. Parents. Children».

Some authors have sculpture and photo specially created for this exhibition; other authors are finishing sculptures under recommendations of organizers. The partnership with Ural state university will mutually enrich and add the project for world cultural space.

In September international exhibition will be presented in Khanty-Mansiysk during the 39th World chess Olympic Games where representatives of 140 countries will gather. In October in days of the 90th anniversary of Ural state university the premiere of exhibition will take place in Ekaterinburg.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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