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News of Ekaterinburg

Projects of new system of «waste management» of Ekaterinburg will be adopted by other cities of Russia

3 февраля 2010 22:03

A whole number of projects of new system of collecting and recycling of waste which is being introduced in the Ural capital will be adopted by corresponding services of other cities of Russia. Representatives of Samara, Omsk and Moscow reported about it in the limits of the final day of session of section of the Union of the Russian cities which was being held on February, 2nd-3rd in Ekaterinburg.

Special impression was made by projects which are realized by the specialists Ekaterinburg municipal unitary enterprise «Spetsavtobaza». It is a matter of «Our waste in white», the project which is already known to many dwellers. The heart of the project is to organize effective system of waste removal from private sector where over 80 thousand people live now. Main idea is very simple - person buys special white packet with logo «Spetsavtobaza» for nominal charge - 11 roubles per packet which volume is 60 liters and 18 roubles per packet which volume is 110 liters. Filled packets are put out the door and once two or three days garbage truck picks up them. In Russia this European method of waste removal is not almost used.

The project on equipment of all garbage trucks of «Spetsavtobaza» with GPS-navigators which help to drive a truck operatively and to reduce operating costs at the expense of more accurate control was also presented.

The third project «Your key from refuse dump» allows trucks of the enterprises which are engaged in collecting and removal of waste, to drive into the dump without extracted coupons by means of small electronic key which looks like a key from usual entrance door intercom. Thus information on tonnage (volume) of brought waste, time etc is fixed on-line. And it is also improvement of the system of monitoring and accounting of removed waste.

Experts, who were present at the presentation, appreciated these ideas and experience which of corresponding services of Ekaterinburg in their true value.
Here are their comments.

The chief of the department of environmental protection of department of municipal services and ecology of urban district Samara Andrey Khristof:

«Ekaterinburg makes very positive impression. Samara has many things to aim at. As follows from clean streets you have positive operational experience. I was walking along the streets for two days I could tell that they were rather clean, beautiful and good. Probably, there are problems in private sector, where unauthorized dumps can be detected, but in principle they didn't meet my eyes.

In July joint session on ecology was held in Samara. It was offered to remove waste from private sector. This project is realized in Ekaterinburg. We call it «Best experience». And you called it «Waste in white». It is a matter of special packets with waste collected by the dwellers which garbage trucks pick up 2-3 times a week. In principle Ekaterinburg has much more euro containers than Samara. We consider possibility to adopt the project of dual waste collecting that means to collect food and domestic waste separately. We are also going to start this project in pilot variant».

Curator of section activity of managing directorate of Union of Russian cities Larissa Zarembo (Moscow):

«Today representatives of over 30 cities are present here. The problem of waste collecting is interesting for them. The Administration of Ekaterinburg gave good possibility to hold this action and to share experience. I visited your city for the first time and I saw that the city was developing, the city was under construction. Building is an ornament of the city. It makes it stylish. The dwellers of Ekaterinburg are well-wishing, polite and pleasant. I will note cleanliness of streets; it is easily to breath in the city. I think we can adopt many things in the sphere of ecology. Now we should evaluate everything we saw. No doubt, that we will recommend some positive moments to other municipalities».

The chief of the sector of ecology of the Administration of Omsk Rinat Valitov:

«According to the materials which were shown us in Ekaterinburg it was possible to say that serious work in the terms of organization of cleaning of the city territory and waste recycling had been carried out. I had impression that your city was clean and accurate enough. Everything we see says that modern methods of collecting and removal of waste is mastered in the city. I think it is a great merit of the mayor and his administration.

We are also interested in operational experience with private sector. Many cities have problem of collecting and removal of waste from private sector. It is very difficult to convince dwellers to make a treaty for waste removal.

It is easier to convince people to buy packets for waste which price includes collecting and recycling of waste. Now it is paid by budget, but technology will make the project repaying.

We also liked accounting system on refuse dump which was already introduced in Ekaterinburg. It really puts work with waste in good order and clears more exactly».

However as the head of «Spetsavtobaza» Eugenie Ustiantsev said, his enterprise was not going to rest on its laurels. In particular, for 2010 absolutely transparent tariff for those who bring waste to refuse dumps will be established. Now it will depend on concrete weight of waste. We are going to put dues harming environment in order and to continue the project of dual waste collecting - separate collecting of utilized hard domestic waste and organic waste.

«This year we will realize this project using euro containers»,- Eugenie Ustiantsev explained. Territorially in 2010 besides the microdistrict ZhBI also the city center will be involved into this project.

However, the Administration of Ekaterinburg is going to achieve not only increase in productivity in waste removal, but also to pass from procedure of its warehousing on special refuse dumps to the process of sorting and further recycling. For this purpose it is planned to build four refuse sorting and two refuse recycling factories in the city. Construction of first such enterprise for sorting of hard domestic waste will begin in the neighborhood with the dump Shirokorechenskaya already during current year.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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