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News of Ekaterinburg

Arkady Chernetsky Held an Open Reception of the Residents of Railway District

19 июня 2009 21:24

On Friday, June 19, the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky held an open reception of citizens in Railway District.

Mayor's communication with residents was held in the District Administration building. By tradition, the questions of citizens were also answered by the Deputies Head of Ekaterinburg and the heads of all major structural units of the municipality.

This form of open dialogue of Ekaterinburg dwellers with the city leaders and senior professionals of various fields of urban management allows solving directly many pressing issues of both private and public meaningful order.

In particular, Vladimir Tunayev, who came to the meeting with Arkady Chernetsky on behalf of the villagers Shuvakish, raised a whole range of problems associated with the development of this remote area of Railway District. Electricity settlement requires strengthening of the existing substation, the quality of drinking water leaves much to be desired, and the roads connecting this area with the neighborhood unit «Sem Kluchey» need repairing. All these problems of Shuvakish region the residents hope to solve gradually with the assistance of the municipality and the district administration.

The Head of Ekaterinburg promised to include many of the identified issues into the program for the development of remote areas, which for years has successfully implemented by the municipal administration. Overall more than 20 people were admitted by the mayor. Moreover, 7 of them were not from Railway District, but residents of other urban areas. But even in this case, the mayor has taken all of them, regardless of their place of registration and the actual residence.

As for other professionals of Ekaterinburg Administration, who took the citizens, the largest amount of them was in an improvised reception of Deputy Mayor for Housing Constantin Krynin. There were 42 people having addressed to him with various housing and community issues. Basically they asked to repair the porch, to equip the courtyard and children's playground, to move from the decrepit housing.
It was also crowded near the cabinet, in which the residents of the area contacted with the Deputy Head of Ekaterinburg on Social Affairs, Mikhail Matveyev. He had to deal with the waiting lines into kindergartens, renovation of educational institutions, including the old schools of the district, which can be attributed to school number 155 and grammar school 75.

Altogether the open reception in the Railway District was attended by over 100 residents of Ekaterinburg. Communicating with them was being held, until the last applicant was heard. All the questions and suggestions of the citizens were taken to control by the heads of the city and the district, and each request is expected to have concrete solutions and effective assistance.


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News of Ekaterinburg
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