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News of Ekaterinburg

Walrus and white northern whales arrived in Ekaterinburg

15 февраля 2010 22:04

Moscow mobile dolphinarium start working in Ekaterinburg. Solemn opening of the new program of mobile delphinarium «Polar lights» will take place on February, 19th. During half a year walrus Lyubasha and white northern whales Dandy and Kassi will make dwellers and visitors of Ekaterinburg happy.

The gift was prepared by the administration of Chkalovsky district, in which territory, in Schwarz Street, 17, the mobile delphinarium will function. The first performance will be charitable - children from children's homes, boarding schools and problem families will receive tickets.

Rapidly erecting construction was built for two weeks. Such long period means that in pavilion it was necessary to reach certain level of heat insulation, to deliver real sea water of strictly defined structure in volume of 800 tons and to prepare 520 seats for spectators.

It is necessary to notice that Ekaterinburg is the fourth city where dolphinarium arrived, but the first one where the sizes of pavilion allow preparing full-fledged performance.

According to the scientists whales are one of the most ancient inhabitants of our planet; they appeared on the Earth 60 million years ago. Unique feature of these animals is that whales are the only mammal, except human which can sing. Some specialties successfully mastered by white whales (delivery of equipment to divers, search of lost subjects, underwater video shooting), are able to make them invaluable assistants to people in exploration of Arctic regions. Cases of rescue people by whales are also known.

Walruses are the largest pinnipeds, which live in northern hemisphere. Despite apparent slowness, they are graceful and agile. Walruses are also very sociable and kind animals.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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