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News of Ekaterinburg

Metro builders of Ekaterinburg will start tunneling machine «VIRT» again

24 февраля 2010 21:58

This machine, able to drive tunnel in the subsoil with the speed 100-150 metres per a month, is going to start working in the foundation of future metro station «Botanicheskaya» near trade complex «Dirizhabl». Its first aim is to drive right stage tunnel between two starting stations of the Ekaterinburg metro - «Botanicheskaya» and «Chkalovskaya». The distance between points «B» and «Ch», which should be passed by «VIRT» makes 1370 metres. Tunneling machine is supposed to do it for a year.

The tunnel between the territory of bus terminal Yuzhny where the deep station «Chkalovskaya» is being built and microdistrict «Botanichesky» with the metro station of the same name, which is being built via open-cut mining, is well-known to «VIRT». A year and a half ago the machine successfully passed this way, driving left stage tunnel of the Ekaterinburg metro. In September, 2008 having reached earth surface in the foundation of the station «Botanicheskaya» which was under construction the machine was turned and shopped. During a year mechanics had been putting it in order. They changed depreciated units and sets and prepared it for further work.

Now «VIRT» is ready to work and waits in the wings at the bottom of foundation of the station «Botanicheskaya» in special protective casing made for it by metro builders. The length of the machine is 125 metres, total weight is 600 tons. Diameter of revolving and going deep into the soil disk is 5 metres and 60 centimeters.

Over two tens independently revolving balls are installed on the effective area of the disk. By means of these mechanisms the machine works out rock, driving a tunnel. With the help of special conveyor worked out rock is delivered and poured into the wagons which take it out. Crew of «VIRT» consists of 5 people. The brigade of drift miners who are involved in soil haulage and removal assist them.

It is remarkable that thanks to open-cut building of the station «Botanicheskaya» more capacious wagons can remove worked out soil. Special diesel engine with two freight cars will run along the lines which width of track is 9 meters.

Let's remind that tunneling machine «VIRT» was delivered to Ekaterinburg for acceleration of the process of building of the first Ural metro in the mid-nineties of last century. Before it «VIRT» drove tunnels on Baykal-Amur Railroad. For a long time local metro builders leased «VIRT» at the company «BAMtonnelstroi». As a result it was bought for residual value. Now it is a property of Ekaterinburg enterprise «Metrostroi-PTS».

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News of Ekaterinburg
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