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News of Ekaterinburg

The Ekaterinburg dwellers will see night Paris performed by the classic of world photography

25 февраля 2010 22:10

On March, 4th exhibition «Night Paris» of great French photographer of XX century Brassai will open in photographic museum «Dom Metenkova».

Ninety black-and-white photos of the beginning of 1930th will be presented at the exhibition.

Brassai is an artist, sculptor, writer, photographer, film director, holder of the order of the Honorable Legion and owner of the Great National photo award. He was proud of his pseudonym. Gyula Halasz, born in 1899 in the Romanian town Brasso, dreamt only about France, being under the impression of its language and culture. Having returned from his first trip to Paris Brassai was full of impressions and promised himself to go to the capital of France to continue his studies. However the First World War prevented him from realization of this desire.

Brassai managed to appear again in Paris only in 1924. He wrote to parents that he felt in full harmony with the city and was sure that all his talents would reveal here.

That time he learnt the French language hard, wrote for newspapers and drew caricatures, in the evenings he was plunged in the life of the left coast of the Seine - in the world of artists, intellectuals, adventurers and women of easy virtue. In such atmosphere the idea of the project «Night Paris» flashed through his mind.

Editors of newspapers asked Brassai to accompany texts with photos, and in 1929 he takes the first photos. It was a photo of the night city. He sets off the portraits of prostitutes and hooligans from darkness, transforms classics of the Parisian architecture into the scene of strange beauty with fuzzy silhouettes, dazzle light and the foggy Seine.

By 1932 the album «Night Paris» consisting of 64 photos was finished. It became a real eye-opener because photographers hadn't dared to accentuate the play of gloom, shades, twilight with dazzling flashes of light.

This album made Brassai famous. His photos have got enthusiastic responses of Salvador Dali and Caramel Snow, the editor of popular magazine «Harper's bazaar», with which Brassai co-operated for thirty years. That time he gets acquainted with Pablo Picasso and being carried away with the game of dialogue with great artist, years he takes photos of his pictures up to 1960th.

Henry Miller called Brassai «Eye of Paris» characterizing him in the following words: «After a few hours spent with him, there is impression as if you were sifted, saved only that promoted glorification of life».

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News of Ekaterinburg
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