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News of Ekaterinburg

The first specialized hall of weight lifting opened in the Ural capital

26 февраля 2010 21:07

On February, 26th by the decision of the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky, the first specialized hall of weight lifting opened in Ekaterinburg.

The hall opened in Komsomolsky microdistrict on the basis of one of the branches of municipal specialized youth sports school of Olympic reserve «Victoria».

The deputy Head of Ekaterinburg Michael Matveev and the chairman of the Ekaterinburg municipal Duma Eugenie Porunov who took part in opening weight lifting complex noticed that until recently this kind of sport had been developing in the Ural capital not fully. Of course there are enthusiasts of power lifting in the city they and trained frequently in premises unadapted for this purposes. Now in the city there are specially equipped hall with total area 300 square metres, weights, training simulators, with which help it is possible to organize full-blown process of training of athletes of the highest level.

Eugenie Porunov went in to weightlifting in a professional way and received the master of sports title. Now he heads Sverdlovsk regional Federation of weightlifting. Eugenie Porunov was especially glad for young sportsmen who had received perfect training base. Earlier after-work sanatorium of ferroconcrete items factory used to be located in this brick extension in Panelnaya Street.

After skeletonizing of social sphere of enterprise the building of former sanitarium passed into the hands of the Administration. Then Arkady Chernetsky made decision to save social orientation of the complex and to intend it for the needs of youth sport. It will allow Ekaterinburg to train own Olympic weightlifting champions.

However, passed into the hands of youth sports school of Olympic reserve «Victoria» building in Panelnaya Street becomes the second home not only for growing up weight-lifters (now there are about two tens of them), but also for young rock-climbers. By autumn of 2010 in the vicinity of weightlifting hall the specialized complex for rock-climbing will be equipped and opened for trainings. It will be equipped with artificial cliff, locker rooms, showers and premises for trainers. In total up to 300 young sportsmen can train in this branch of sport school «Victoria».

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News of Ekaterinburg
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