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News of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg is in the top three of the most harmonious cities of Russia

9 марта 2010 22:23

Journal «Sekret firmy» included in the publishing house «Kommersant», selected 20 most harmonious cities from 164 ones with population not less than 100 thousand people. In this rating Ekaterinburg took the third place.

Total figure was computed as a product of four figures, authors explained. Figure of social development of the city was computed by five parameters: employment of the population, quantity of doctors per 10 thousand people, provision of kindergartens, crime rate, buying power of the dwellers (turnover of retail trade per capita, divided by cost of consumer minimum).

The infrastructural figure was computed by quantity of phones per 10 thousand people and volume of conveyance of passengers per 10 thousand people.

Figure of home construction activity represents quantity of metres of habitation per a dweller, divided by maximum in the group of cities.

Financial figure represents standard sum of five figures: investments in fixed capital per capita; budgetary expenses per capita; shares of tax and not tax yields in the total city gain; shares of not tax yield in own incomes; budget expenses per capita, corrected on the assumption of the cost the budgetary services in oblast.

The chairman of local college of crisis managing directors Vladislav Charsov agrees that Ekaterinburg has distinct concept of development thanks to which the city will be turned from industrial zone into business- and logistical centre of oblast.

The Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky has much more financial freedom, than overwhelming majority of his colleagues who were on friendly terms with governors: in 2008 in the Ekaterinburg budget over 62 % of proceeds were own city incomes, and proficiency (6.04 %) was higher than in any other city of the first twenty the journal informed.

Thus the Ekaterinburg dwellers have the highest mean income (by retail turnover city left behind not only cities with a population of one million or more, excepting Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but also the majority of entities of federation). Besides, for a ruble they can buy more goods, yielding by this figure only to Ufa - leader of retail trade.

It is necessary to notice that proficiency of the budget of Ekaterinburg concerning revenue in pre-crisis 2008 made 6.04 %. It is the highest figure in the top twenty of the best cities.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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