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News of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg can become the second most harmonious city of Russia

11 марта 2010 22:08

Ekaterinburg is worthy of the second place in rating of the most harmonious cities of Russia.

In many respects it is a merit of local authorities which managed to organize cooperation mechanism between science, business and municipality.

The director of Institute of economics of Ural department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the chairman of Public chamber of Ekaterinburg Alexander Tatarkin has the same opinion.

Recently one of the journals of the publishing house «Kommersant» chose 20 most harmonious cities of Russia from 164 cities with the population over 100 thousand people. The attention was paid to the figures of social development, infrastructural, and financial indexes, home construction index. Level of own incomes of the budget was also taken into account. Ekaterinburg took the third place in the rating.

«I think that Ekaterinburg was put on the third place by mistake, - Alexander Tatarkin underlines. - In this rating we must follow Moscow. We leave behind Saint Petersburg». The Doctor of Economics produces three significant factors, influenced high place of the Ural capital in rating. First, for last 20 years the level of provision with kindergartens and schools was improved, the quantity of social privileges given by the Administration raised.

«For example as for cleaning of streets, in the central districts of Saint Petersburg, the situation isn't better, than in Ekaterinburg. This winter in Moscow it was very difficult to clean the streets though they had much more snow removal machines, than we», - Alexander Tatarkin gave the example.

One more factor which influenced the place of Ekaterinburg in rating is presence of the long-term strategic plan focused on development of the private-state partnership, and also cooperation of the scientific organizations, business and local governments, directed to development of the enterprises of real sector of economy.

«For last two days the lowest level of unemployment was fixed in Ekaterinburg, - the scientist noted. - In 2008 representatives of business, municipal authority, and science were going to discuss questions of dismissal in the enterprises.

100 heads of the enterprises were present, 27 of them filed applications for dismissal of employees. After speeches of the mayor, representatives of scientific institutions, and the head of the union of the enterprises of the defensive industry of oblast 21 companies took their applications for dismissal back. Common language was found».

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News of Ekaterinburg
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