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News of Ekaterinburg

Irina Antonenko: my odds to become «Miss Universe» make 99 of 100

16 марта 2010 22:16

Winner of «Russia-2010» and «Miss-Ekaterinburg-2009» Irina Antonenko has not decided yet how she would spend her prize - 100 thousand dollars. She does not doubt that knowledge which she acquires in Ural institute of finance and law will help her to use money successfully.

Let's remind, that Ekaterinburg student won competition «Miss Russia-2010» on March, 6th. Besides the title and the crown she received 100 thousand dollars and the right to represent Russia at forthcoming competition «Miss Universe».

Irina Antonenko explained that though it was rather hard work, preparation in such competitions pleasured her very much. As she said, persistence, time, desire and minimum of material costs are necessary to win.

«As for me I bought only shoes. All other was given to me in miraculous way», - the Ural beauty owned.

So, after the victory in competition «Miss Ekaterinburg» she was given services of beauty salons, gyms free. Having accepted the title «Miss Russia» she will live in Moscow apartment. She will have skilled teachers, driver and even the salary - everything for preparation for «Miss Universe» next competition which will be held at the end of the summer.

Irina Antonenko evaluated her odds to become «Miss Universe» as 99 of 100.

Thus, despite a busy schedule of preparation for «Miss Universe», she will not stop studying at Ural institute of finance and law, which leaders gave to the winner discount of 100% for tuition payment (tuition fee in the institute is 36 thousand rubles per a year) and a necklace with a brilliant.

«I made decision almost three years ago (while entering the institute) that it is necessary for me to receive either legal or financial education. Because whether or no it is required in our life. It is necessary to be able to use money, it is necessary to know, where to invest money in», - Antonenko told.

She noticed that she would not hurry with investment of her prize 100 thousand dollars.

«I should study to learn all minuses and pluses, how to use money successfully, where to invest them in to get profit. Not without reason I study at this institute», - Irina Antonenko noted.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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