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News of Ekaterinburg

City Duma of Ekaterinburg Took the Key Amendments to the Rules of Land Use and Development

23 июня 2009 22:15

Ekaterinburg City Duma deputies, at their regular meeting on Tuesday, the 23d of June 2009, considered and adopted the draft amendments to the Rules of Land Use and Development of the Urban District or municipality of «the city of Ekaterinburg».

The document was presented to folk elected by the superior Chief Board of architecture, urban planning and management of land in administration of the city of Ekaterinburg Mikhail Vyatkin. After his speech at the City Duma the supervisor of Chief Architecture told the Official portal of Ekaterinburg of the most significant changes in the rules of land use and development.

It should be noted that the rules are composed of four sections:
- «The procedure regulating land use and development on the basis of urban zoning»;
- «The map of city zoning. Maps of areas with special conditions for the use of territories»;
- «Urban rules»;
- «The appointment of the main areas of common use, and lands for which the city-planning regulations are not established».

As for the first section, «all the duplications of federal law are eliminated from it, and most importantly - a decision that now it will be possible to provide land as non-residential establishments without auctions,- noted Mikhail Vyatkin.- The investor himself prepares and forms a plot, gives it to us, and we publish information on the site in print. If within 30 days there are no applications for this plot, the investor receives the land without auction or tender».

Speaking of amendments in the second section, Mikhail Vyatkin said: «the rules reflect the city-planning documents, made by the municipality. Over the past year and a half, we have developed more than a dozen projects of planning. Therefore, in the city zoning map, it was necessary to make the appropriate changes. That is what we have done».

It is noteworthy that all the planning projects, developed by the municipality, have undergone the procedure of public hearings and were approved by the Head of Ekaterinburg. These are the planning projects of the districts «Medny», «Severny Himmash», «Molebka», «Akademichesky», «Shyrokaya Rechka» and others.

In addition, «during one and a half years we received 207 proposals to change the areas from legal and natural persons,- told Mikhail Vyatkin.- All of them were considered at the Committee on Rules of land use and development. Those changes, which have been approved by the Commission and public hearings, got into the city zoning maps».

As for the section «Urban rules», the Chief Architecture supervisor explained: «in the regulations the types of permitted uses of sites, and parameters of objects to be, are defined. To date, there are three types of permitted uses sections: basic, conditionally permitted and subsidiary». Mikhail Vyatkin gave an example of school allocation (the main type of permitted use of the site) and the transformer substation (a subsidiary).

«Conditionally-permitted species should be considered at the Committee on Rules of land use and development, made at a public hearings of all those who live close by,- said the Chief Architecture supervisor.- If the Commission and the members of public hearings take a positive decision, the owner of the site can build, for example, a casino instead of a store».

«Earlier there were a lot of sites in the rules of the main types of permitted uses, and a few conditionally permitted ones,- noted Mikhail Vyatkin.- The owner of the site could determine, without taking into account the views of neighbors and the municipality, whether he would build a shop or a casino. To date, we changed the conditions: we reduced the list of major species (the owner was offered to construct a dwelling house, a school or a kindergarten, for example), but a casino was included into conditionally permitted species».

Furthermore, under the draft amendments, settings for individual housing construction «were included» into the rules of land use and development. «We pointed out the minimum and maximum area, the percentage of buildings, floors, fences, the presence of branch facilities, such as a sauna, a shed, etc.),- said Mikhail Vyatkin.- This is the RF City Planning Code, which does not regulate, but requires specifying the parameters in the rules of land use and development».

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News of Ekaterinburg
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