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News of Ekaterinburg

Evgeny Lipovich: Ekaterinburg Cleaning System for the Last Year Has Completely Changed

25 июня 2009 22:08

The system of cleaning the city over the last year has completely changed. In doing so, Ekaterinburg got much cleaner look to the SCO summit, but directly not because of the summit, spoke at a press conference the Deputy Head of Ekaterinburg on the housing and environmental issues Evgeny Lipovich.

According to Evgeny Lipovich the task to improve seriously the quality of street and road cleaning in the Ural capital was given by the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky to the housing and communal services last summer. The reason was in accumulated by that time large problems in the induction of cleanliness and order.

«In this regard, since June last year, we started to develop new regulations. And from January 2009, this regulation has been in effect. In addition, the control service for the sanitary of road network was established. Despite the fact that it is only 4 staff members, the work is focused on the citizens' desires. It was opened a straight line on the official portal of Ekaterinburg, where 90% of the signals received with a request to draw attention to the trash and the dirt in particular places. 10% of downloads are the calls to make the city clean without specific addresses, which are of little help to us»,- told Evgeny Lipovich.

In addition, he said that to improve the controllability of the main contractors for the cleaning of road network, the utility services REB (Road Exploiting Board) were converted to municipal offices. At present they are the units of Administration of the city of Ekaterinburg, which must comply with regulations set by the Mayor. Today we can say that this decision was right REB, work much more effectively.

As for the non-managing changes, the entire municipal engineering involved in the cleaning of streets and roads of the city, was equipped with GPS-navigation system. «Today we are able to see in real time, where and how machines are working, what amount of work is accomplished, and quickly to adjust the cleaning. This has improved the controllability of the process itself»,- explained the Deputy Head of Ekaterinburg.

Significantly a park of winter harvesting machinery was also upgraded last year. And this year, despite the difficult economic conditions, a series of vacuum sweeper machines, produced at the machinery-building plant named after Kalinin, will be acquired, which in particular will be used for cleaning sidewalks and pedestrian areas.

«Actually, there were a lot of improvements. Unfortunately, the results achieved became obvious only during the SCO summit. After all, cleanliness in the city during the SCO is the result of changes in the whole sanitary system of the city»,- added Evgeny Lipovich.

But he also noted that the work to improve the cleaning of the city will continue. Thus, in the near future the cleaning of sidewalks will be strengthened. Also, greater attention is to be paid by the city authorities to work on the restoration of pavement and improvement of the streets after the repair and construction work associated with the excavation.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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