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News of Ekaterinburg

Top Health Workers of Ekaterinburg Received «Medical Olympus 2009»

26 июня 2009 21:24

The annual award ceremony of professional recognition for achievements in health «Medical Olympus 2009» was held in the Ural capital.

Their professional holiday - «Day of Medical Worker» - the Ural doctors have traditionally celebrated with the awarding of prizes, a symbol of which is the statue of the ancient Greek God of medicine and healing ASKLEPIY. Among those who aspired to this prestigious award, which, incidentally, was awarded in Ekaterinburg during the last eight years, there were many of these professionals, masters of their own businesses in various fields and areas of modern medicine. Totally for the contest there were filed more than 40 applications from almost all hospitals and medical centers. Best Doctors were selected in seven specific categories: organizational technology, the operation of the year, the salvation of the year, medical technology, as well as the birth of the year, a teacher of the year and a student of the year.

As a result, in one of the most prestigious nominations «Operation of the Year» the palm was delivered to cardiac surgeons from the Regional Clinical Hospital №1, who were the first in Russia to begin making successful hybrid operations on heart. Their colleagues from the Regional Children Clinical Hospital №1 became the first in the nomination «Salvation of the Year». They saved the one-year child who swallowed a battery of television remote control. Acid got into the digestive tract; the kid got badly damaged internal organs. Before this unique operation happened in the capital of the Urals, such surgical procedures were carried out in Russia only three times. And only once medical assistance was satisfactory. Ekaterinburg doctors repeated that success, saving the kid; and now he is fully healthy, leading a normal life and, together with his parents came to thank and congratulate their saviors in white smocks.

In the nomination «Medical Technology of the Year» the best surgeons were found in CCH number 9, which operate on an urgent incoming sick children in «friendly», laparoscopic way, that is, through small incisions. And the recognized masters of «Organizational Technologies», effectively used in medical institutions were the staff members from CCH number 7. They have implemented in their hospital a corporate analytical «health centre system» and successfully apply it in practice, providing speed and comfort, both for patients and staff.

In the nomination «The birth of the Year» the specialists from the City Clinical Hospital № 40 climbed the Olympus of Ekaterinburg, who saved not only the newborn, but also the woman in childbirth, which was on the table by the neurosurgeons during the complex operation on the brain.

In addition, at the ceremony «Medical Olympus» doctors, who won in the nomination «Teacher of the Year» and «Student of the Year», were traditionally awarded. They were, respectively, a physician of the highest category, doctor of medical sciences, professor USMA Nadezhda Davydova and a student of the fifth course of the dental faculty in Medical Academy Natalia Kolotova.

All the winners of «Medical Olympus 2009» were thanked for their skill and professionalism by the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky, the chairman of the Ekaterinburg City Duma Evgeny Porunov, the First Deputy Head of Ekaterinburg Alexander Yakob and the Head of the Department of Health Administration of the city Alexander Prudkov. In addition, the leaders congratulated all the medical staff of the Ural capital with their professional holiday, and expressed confidence that the equipment of medical establishments of the city and the skills of working in these teams will always be high enough to benefit all the citizens of Ekaterinburg.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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