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News of Ekaterinburg

Volleyball: Representative Russian Team Beat Belarus in the First Match of the Yeltsin Cup

29 июня 2009 21:56

Inauguration of the seventh international volleyball tournament for women's teams at the Cup of the first President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin took place yesterday in Ekaterinburg, in the palace of playing sports (PPS) «Uralochka». The event was attended by the first President of Russia's widow Naina Iosifovna Yeltsina (she arrived in the Ural capital for the opening of the tournament), the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel, the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky and other officials.

The representative Team of Russia in the first match of group stage on Sunday beat the national team of Belarus with the score 3:1 (25:16, 25:27, 25:19, and 25:23).

In addition to Russia and Belarus, four more teams will fight for the Cup: Japan, Cuba, the Netherlands and Azerbaijan. The teams are divided into two groups of three. First, the teams will play within groups, and then in the final matches to determine the prize-winners of the competition.

It should be noted that this year the tournament is included into the official calendar of the International Federation of Volleyball for the first time. Now, all clubs are obliged to release the team players in two weeks before the games to prepare for competition. This international recognition made the Boris Yeltsin Cup equal to one of the world's largest volleyball tournaments.

Besides, this year, the district administrations are responsible for each team. For example, the administration of Verkh-Isetsky district is responsible for the representative Japan team, Zheleznodorozhny district - for the Russian team, Kirovsky district - for the Cuba team, Leninsky district - for the Netherlands team, Oktyabrskiy district - for the Azerbaijan team, and Ordzhonikidzevsky district - for the Belarus team.

In order to attract viewers and fans into the PPS, free tickets are distributed among the administrations of districts and the students of USTU-UPI, and the inmates of children's and youth sport schools. According to the organizers of the tournament, the competition will be able to be visited by everyone, as the entrance to the PPS is to be free.

The tournament 2009 will become debut for five volleyball girl-players of Russian team. They are: Anna Makarova, Ekaterina Starodubova, Victoria Rusakova, Regina Moroz and Kseniya Naumova. The head coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin prepares the national team. According to him, this season the team faces not only sport challenges, but also creative ones. It is strategically important during the summer period to form and «train» the team basis of 6 or 8 members.

Yeltsin Cup Final games will be held on July 2. On the same day at 19:00 a closing tournament is going to take place.

фотограф: Анна Храновская


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